Arrow Blu-ray Film Review

Documentary based on footage from the 1990s of briefly notorious shock rock band The Mentors and its lead singer, El Duce.

Hearing the rudimentary bleeps and bloops on art-pop freak Kate NV’s (real non-art-pop-freak name Kate Shilonosova) new album Room For The Moon gradually build upon each other is something close to alchemy. Hearing these primitive form intricate, robot-jazz orchestras feels like watching a movie go from black-and-white to Technicolor, a whole world revealed to have been hiding in plain sight, one length of yarn revealed to be a small part of a massive, avant-disco quilt.

A journal of my experience spending six consecutive hours with Detroit’s favorite cybernetic officer of the law

We are in a pandemic. Western society is collapsing. I haven’t left the apartment in four days. For these reasons and others, I decided to spend six hours today watching every entry in the RoboCop film franchise back-to-back and documenting my experience meticulously. Here are my findings.

Blumhouse’s Universal Horror semi-remake cashes in on a critical cultural moment for the sake of lightweight thrills

The almost cosmic serendipity of The Invisible Man being released days after Harvey Weinstein’s (first) sexual assault and rape conviction lends some added weight to the Universal Horror reboot, a movie that marketed itself as popcorn entertainment with a #MeToo message. Unsurprisingly though, Saw creator Leigh Whannell never reallyset out to make a social problems film out of The Invisible Man, Blumhouse’s newest fun but vapid entry in the gaslit-women-nobody-believes sub-genre. This isn’t a serious, substantial movie about abusive partners and domestic violence…

Veronika Franz and Severin Fiali’s second feature is nightmare horror for lapsed Catholics

The Lodge is a film haunted by two home movies: one of a devoutly Catholic mother, Laura (Alicia Silverstone), joyfully making snow angels with her children Aidan and Mia (Jaedan Martell and Lia McHugh), unaware that she’ll be dead in six months time; the other of a young girl, Grace (Riley Keough), discovering the dead bodies of everyone she knows in the aftermath of a ritual mass suicide, the only survivor of a cult led by her father. These videos weigh heavy on Aidan, Mia and Grace — the latter now their soon-to-be-stepmom — as the three of them are…

Joey Shapiro

Film journalist / critic / Air Bud scholar (Oberlin '18)

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