Entry Denied

Seven-year-old Syrian girl Bana Alabed, who became known for her tweets from the war-torn capital of Aleppo, has written to President Trump. In her letter she writes “do something for the children of Syria.”

Bana became known for her tweets during the crisis in Aleppo in which both bombs and chemical weapons threatened her life and her family. While Bana escaped to Turkey, along with her mother, her plea is a powerful one that brings focus to the magnitude of the most recent executive order by the Trump administration.

When President Trump declares that our nation shall be governed by a policy of America First does that mean that we should ignore individuals like Bana? Should we ignore human decency?

While the crisis in Syria is not new it underscores America’s need to be a beacon of hope in a world so fraught with terror. It does not serve us to look inward, to close our borders, and to retreat in fear when so many look to us as that beacon of hope.

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