Live in the now.

The other day I was watching the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite watching Lebron absolutely dominate the stat sheet, I noticed something interesting about my friends. I had invited a group of my close friends over to watch the game, and to my dismay instead of watching the game they were on their phones. I yelled at them a couple times but instead of responding, they stuck to their twitter feeds. It’s small moments like these that I enjoy. Watching games with friends and talking are some of the little things, but technology certainly has put a twist into that. I just wish that people would appreciate the small moments in life, because sooner or later we will be all grown up, and we will look back and think, “Oh, I wish I had done that.” Regrets are the last thing we want to have when we look back at life, and I am doing my best to limit my regrets for the future.

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