Haircut, check. Glowing skin, eye bags gone, teeth whitened, flat belly. Black undies, signature style — chic, comfy and confident plus a bottle of D&G Blue perfume. Check. Oh, and a nose piercing. Check.

Now for the hard part.


Meditation. Changing mindset. New habits. Commitment to discipline. You can do this.

Healthy diet. Yoga. Dance. Run. Climb wall. Physicalize your struggle, your goals and triumphs.

What does success means to you, personally? Don’t be shy. It can be anything that fascinates you. It should be nothing less than what truly fascinates you. Don’t doubt your genius and explore your insecurities. Because that fear is what keeps you alive. Keep it beside you but remember, you’re the driver. You are the ocean in a drop. You are meant to succeed. No matter what science tells you, humans have a touch of divinity, making the impossible possible. Stretch your limits. Embrace your obstacles because your future is waiting. And smile once in a while so it’ll be easier to laugh at your mistakes. So again, what’s your version of success?


Start eliminating. 5/25. Focus on the top 5 and remember the 20 you had to give up because decision makers are winners.

Visualization. Subconscious motivations. A few more push.

Action. And more of it, consistently. This is it. Don’t give up now.

Feedback. Track your progress. Go back to your virtual mentors. Go talk to your friends. Express your disappointments. Blog it. Reflect on it. And wake up 1% better. Everyday.

Because life is short…temporary, rare and precious.

So go! Be crazy but die a winner.


— J