“silhouette photography of person” by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

99% of people won’t do these things but the 1% that do, are the one’s that move mountains and make dents in the Universe.

I have a coach. She is a business coach.

Every time I interact with my coach, I think to myself, I’m going to cancel coaching.

It’s expensive and hard. The reason it’s hard is that she calls me out on my own BS. She doesn’t let me get away with things. She doesn’t do it by force. She does it by asking great questions.

We had a discussion last week about building a real estate team, leadership, and just the overall hardship of being an entrepreneur.

I consistently have challenges in this arena.

I have ups and downs.

I doubt myself.

I want to give up.

I get tired and crabby.

I have car crying sessions.

I complain.

You name it.

But I keep dusting myself off and getting back after it.

Most people don’t. In the grand scheme of things, most people are not business owners or entrepreneurs. Some people aren’t by choice and that’s totally fine.

But a lot of people aren’t because once it gets hard, they give up.

I’ve decided to come up with a list of things that most people WON’T do to achieve their dreams and goals. Here they are in no particular order.

  • Get up before anyone else in the world to start pursuing the most important things. You get up the morning and have a zest for the things you are to tackle. You know it will be hard, but you are up for the challenge.
  • Go to bed before anyone else because they have work to do in the morning.
When you have a reason to get up in the morning, you go to bed- Gary Keller
  • Show up to the office before the lights are all turned on. For a business owner or an entrepreneur, the office is somewhat like the gym. Once you actually get there, you do the deeds to improve yourself. Have you ever sat in the parking lot of a gym and started having the mental battle of “I do not want to go in there today?” You can either suck it up and go in there anyway or you can turn around. To be honest, I’ve turned around before. But the next day I get back after it. Same goes with the office. Opportunities rarely happen in your pajamas at home when your kids are running all over the place. Get up early and get going! Don’t wait!
  • Stop working after everyone else. In our world of commission only sales, sometimes it take ALL day to find someone you can help. If that’s what it takes, then so be it. Most people just give up too soon. The one’s that make it usually go for broke. They don’t stop until they get the sale, the appointment, the whatever.
  • Leave the ego at the door and partner with people that are more successful than you to help show you the way. Most people are in their heads, on an island, too worried about money, let their ego run their lives, and live in a scarcity mindset vs. an abundant one. Rarely do people succeed at a level by themselves. The most important lesson I have learned a long the way is partner with other people for growth, masterminding, and just overall success.
  • Mentor others on a consistent basis because teaching helps you learn at a completely different level. Plus there is something weird and magical about helping someone else achieve THIER goals. Again the ego comes in here. Selfless service is something most people just don’t partake in. The ones that do at a high level have a tendency to live BIG BIG lives.
  • Do things for free because you know it’s that social currency that makes the world go around. Sometimes it just take doing things for free. People get all worked up over how much they are going to be paid and that’s not always the route to take. Worry about the money too much and it’s strange how the money won’t show up. Don’t worry about the money and just run a good business and be a good person and it’s magical how money shows up. One of my original mentors told me right when I started in real estate to never worry about the commission. Just do a good job and the commission will come. Those words have never been more true.
  • Have really hard conversations with people. They are called fierce conversations. I’m still working on this one. Transparency is hard! Candor is HARD! Honesty and asking hard questions is you guessed it, HARD! That’s why most people would rather gossip about things vs. confronting them head on and tearing the bandage off. Go for it!
  • Hold other people accountable at a really high level. Holding people accountable to what they say they are going to do is a rarity. Most people don’t want to ruffle feathers. They would rather just let things slide and let others fail at their goal. Don’t do that. If someone in your group, business, or team says they are going to do something, hold them accountable to it! Bring it up. Get uncomfortable. Call them out on their own BS.
  • Say something a million times because you know it’s the absolute truth. I think of Gary Keller telling us all to lead generate for 3–4 hours everyday. He has been saying the same thing for about 20 years. My coach said if you have a gag reflex when you are telling someone something that’s been said over and over again, that’s just about the time when that person will start listening. If you know their is something that works, preach on and keep preaching!
  • Going out on a limb to try something no one as tried. If people are calling you crazy, that’s usually a good sign. I always think of the Wright Brothers here. They were definitely called crazy! They completely changed the entire world! Get a little crazy! Go for it! Jump off the ledge! Take the plunge. You only have one life but as long as you do it right, that’s all you need. That usually boils down to not having any regrets. I’ve been listening to about 5 songs on repeat from the movie The Greatest Showman and this reminds me of the part of the lyrics from The Other Side: So trade that typical for something colorful, and if it’s crazy, live a little crazy. You can play it sensible, a king of conventional, or you can risk it all and see.
  • And finally, most people just give up too soon! Let’s just be honest, when things get hard, the average person goes back to what is comfortable. Never giving up is such a crucial aspect to success in your dreams, it’s unreal! Don’t give up! Keep going! Be the annoying gnat that keeps coming back for more. When you get knocked down, bounce, don’t break! You are most likely right around the corner from a breakthrough!

Never give up and there is always a way!