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Are You a Passenger or a Driver?

What opportunities are going to come our way today? Or should I ask, what potential opportunities are going to come our way? Opportunity is everywhere, everyday. We have a choice as to whether we see it or choose to act on it.

We are getting lazy in our technologically driven, notification filled, social media enhanced world. Our brains are becoming accustomed to shallow work, distractions, and instant messaging. It’s preventing us from experiencing all of the amazing things around us and being able to take advantage of all the high levels of social currency collecting opportunities we have at our finger tips.

Depth and presence are being replaced by immediate gratification, and the feeling of constantly being on. We used to have plenty of time for small moments of enjoyment on our evening walk and now we are hit with a barrage of dings and your phone buzzing. If we don’t bring it with us we are hit with the shadow feeling of those notifications.

It’s quite sad.

I have a solution.

It’s called living intentionally. Thanks to a good friend of mine, it’s one of my newly discovered core values. Something I have had in me for quite some time but just haven’t expressed or self realized it.We all have these. True core values that make us special and show the world what we truly stand for.

I don’t mean the values that sound really good on a plaque at your place of business like integrity, honor, etc. Now if those are what you truly stand for than by all means, use them. But I want you to truly reflect on what you really stand for at your core.

I was honored to be a guest on a new podcast called The Crux Capacitor, created by a gentleman names Heath Wiggins. It was very fun! The pre work consisted of a series of questions regarding finding your true core values. I was lucky in that I had just internalized this through a couple exercises I had run through with a company called Simply Be. They helped me discover that we all have our own brand and flavor. Along with that comes your core values. You really only have about 3 or 4 of them.

What are yours? Are you living by them? Are you making decisions based on them? Or are you hiding from who you really are?

What does living intentionally mean? What does it look like?

The sub heading of that core value for me is presence. They both go hand in hand. Those two words are best friends. Essentially, it’s deciding that instead of being a passenger in the car, you are going to take the wheel. What are you waiting for?

Of course we are waiting for all kinds of things to live intentionally.

We are waiting to lose 15 pounds., we are waiting until Monday, we are waiting until we have kids, we are waiting until the kids leave the house, we are waiting for just the right moment to take the leap, we are waiting until we are prepared, we are waiting until the 1st of the month, we are waiting to wait to wait to wait.

Living intentionally means there is no waiting. There is now. There is today. There is this moment. You only get one of them.

It reminds me of a gift I received a while back. It sits in my office. It’s a sign that says “If not now, when”.

Unfortunately, by the time most people are ready, it is too late. Too late to ask that person out, too late to take that once in a lifetime trip, too late to ask for the divorce, too late to stop drinking, too late, too late, too late.

That’s where living intentionally comes in. Take action and be present! Go deep, not shallow. Even just this morning for me was extremely intentional. Here is my morning: Wake up, splash cold water on my face, grab my cup of coffee that’s ready because I did the cool timer thing last night, grab my computer and start writing this. That’s it! This was my most important thing this morning. It wasn’t to check email, check Facebook, check my phone. Those things are shallow and take zero thinking and zero intentionality. Zero.

We all talk, talk, talk about not multitasking and only working on ONE THING which should be the most important thing but how many of us actually live it? Very few! You know who are!

Living intentionally is one of my core values but it doesn’t mean you have to have it be yours. Discover your own, write them down, look at them everyday and ask yourself, “How am I going to truly live my core values today?”

I’m choosing to live right now. I’m not waiting to do the important things. Do them now! Do them while you still have the chance. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. The next hour is not guaranteed.

Work like you don’t need the money. In fact don’t even think about money. Live intentionally and be the driver of the good person and fun bus and it will be amazing how the money you need/want will show up.

Love like you have never been hurt. Love, love, love! Find the people you have soul resonance with and give, give, give! Be generous with your presence and if you can’t be present at that moment, let them know. They will respect you for it.

And of course, dance like no one is watching. In fact, who cares if someone is watching. Someone will always be watching. Be true to yourself, your core values, be present and go live today, right this moment and stop worrying about what has passed and what has yet to come.

Adventure begins now. Ready, set, go!