Are You Hitting Your Badassical Ceiling?

“When we have made our last climb, we are old, whether forty or eighty” Fred Smith

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I’ve been reading Good Leaders Ask Great Questions by John Maxwell for about 3 years now! That’s about how long it takes me to read a book these days. I have so many interests and like so many different subjects that I have a hard time finishing one since I read quite a few at the same time!

Not sure if that is some kind of complex or not but I like it that way. It keeps me frosty on my cosmopolitan ways. Try it!

I’m always searching for inspiration.

That is one of the main reasons I love experiencing life. I like pushing myself out of my comfy pajamas because I know there will be a story in there. I understand that experience is like lego blocks building, and building and building.

Photo by Iker Urteaga on Unsplash

It’s impossible to know everything, do everything, and see everything. But I can try!

So here I am writing this and I happen to stumble upon page 192 of this wonderful book. Yes, I’m on page 192 of 289 after about 3 years!

The question he proposes to the readers is, how long do you push someone’s potential when they are not reaching it?

I’ve been struggling with that question for years! Becoming a leader in the military and then starting, growing, and running a real estate team full of independent contractors, has thrust me right into the middle of this question.

There is a chunk of people in the world that are quite content with the status quo. They do not have a growth mindset. They have a fixed mindset. They never seek change. They absolutely LOVE their comfy pajamas.

They are in survival mode, simply drifting through life -John Maxwell

Human beings are naturally super lazy! Our brains are designed to keep us safe. They are designed to keep us in our footy pajamas by the nice warm fire. The human brain DOES NOT want you traveling outside in the cold darkness where there are unknown creatures of wonder and danger.

We want a low level of stress, and just enough income to help us survive. Because to achieve higher levels of potential, and to break through our own level of achievement, means we have to climb.

We can’t hang out in the plateau for long. It’s a nice breather every once in a while and of course, climbs and plateaus are part of the journey. Most people hang out in the plateau phase way too long.

In fact, as the quote stated in the beginning, sometimes people make their last climb when they are 20, or 30 or 40 and that is the indicator of being old not the actual number.

All change starts with awareness. Being aware that you have hung out in your plateau for way too long is the first part of the journey to break through your limiting beliefs.

John gives some amazing examples of the reasons why most people decide to stop growing and climbing.

1.) Choices

We all have choices throughout or days, months, and years. The fact is that most people just make extremely limiting choices. They get the super comfortable job that has great benefits although they would be much happier doing something else.

They use school as a crutch and stay in school for years and years without ever venturing out into the world to gain the real juicy experience. They stay with a loved one because of the comfort and security even though they don’t fully love them any more.

Or hang out with the same toxic friends because finding new friends means getting out of your comfort zone and that’s just no fun.

What choices are you making daily? Are you making the one’s that are easy? Are you making plateau choices? Even worse, are you making downhill choices? We are either growing or we are dying? Comfort and retirement sometimes brings back fat, and high cholesterol.

2.) Time

I want it and I want it now- Dave Ramsey in a baby voice

We are not patient.

I have seen this so many times in real estate. People get their real estate license as they have an impression that it will be easy and quick money and then life slaps the face and they don’t get paid for three or four months. The path to least resistance is to get another job, give up or start focusing on the “next big thing” or the next “easy money project”

We just don’t give things enough time to mature, grow, and prosper. We give up too soon.

Time is your best friend when you are trying to discover your true potential.

Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy- Saadi

3.) Price

We all have super powers. We have those innate characteristics that help us get to a certain level naturally. Those will only take us so far. To keep breaking through our ceilings of achievement, and keep crushing our limiting beliefs, we have to pay the toll and in the words of John Maxwell this comes in the form of “time, effort, resources, and opportunities missed”.

To achieve higher and higher levels of potential, it takes hard work! Some sweat; maybe some blood, definitely some swear words. It take some pain of missing out on certain things because you were working on breaking through! Margaritas in Mexico? Not this time! I’m hitting up an event that I actually paid money for to help me become the best version of myself!

4.) Problems

This is what crushes us. We have decided to rock out something new, talk to someone new, or start a new business and then we run into our first problem and we say, see, I told you it wouldn’t work!

My man, Adam Hergenrother taught me an interesting lesson along the way. We all have been hearing these great little catch phrases like fail forward and fail often. Here is the catch!


You can’t just say these phrases and pretend like you are going to get your secret badass badge. It’s not going to happen.

What is going to happen is that you are going to run into a major problem, fall flat on your ass, and then dust yourself off, pick yourself up and enjoy the callous you now have. Welcome to tenacity and resiliency. You bounce, you don’t break!

We all have fantastic potential to be amazing! We can be much better than we are right now. We can be the ones that make even a bigger impact or a larger dent in the Universe.

We have to make the choice, spend the time, pay the price, and embrace the problems and failure. And then….once we plateau, do it all over again!