Can I Get a Discount on That?

Mid month 30 day challenge! On a journey we are; it’s a fun one!

Photo by Narain Jashanmal on Unsplash

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It all started a couple months ago, when I was out to lunch with a good friend of mine and fellow podcaster, Don MacPherson of 12 Geniuses. He was telling me a story about some kind of coffee challenge where he heard about a guy asking for a 10% discount whenever he visited a coffee shop.

The story was about a gentleman doing just that along with purposely sitting in the wrong seat on an airplane, because he knew that magical things happen out of our comfort zone.

Although we all know this to be true, how often do we really exercise getting uncomfortable on purpose?

We would rather stay transactional versus transformational.

This “coffee challenge” or “stranger challenge” in the case of the seat changing game, is designed to push you into the world of uncomfortable! It will help you gain confidence and get over unnecessary fears which in the end will help you tackle even bigger and more uncomfortable things to really make a dent in your universe.

As I was telling my friend about this, he mentioned having another friend that always asks for a discount wherever he goes. We had a good laugh but I decided right there, that I was going to test this out.

We were heading to the sledding hill with our kids and we needed to pick up one more sled at Target so we stopped on the way. When we arrived at the “sled” department, we discovered there was only one left. No problem! We were going to purchase it anyway.

At the checkout, my friend said he would go get the car and pick me up at the exit.

So here I was with my son Mason and the cashier. I was ready to ask for my discount!

I was a bit more nervous than I thought I would be.

The sled actually didn’t have a label to scan so he had to look it up. When he found it, he told me $40.

Right then and there I just blurted out, “Can I have a discount on that?”

Without really hesitating he said “Sure!”

He then pressed one button and I noticed popping up on the screen was a little box that said new price. He wrote in $38.

YES! 5% discount time!

I was amazed! You would think that Target would never give discounts. Think again!

I felt quite good about my achievement and as I told the story to my friend, he was also pretty amazed!

Warp forward a couple hours and we decided to hit some lunch after sledding. We were heading to another big box place, Noodles and Company.

Time for me to exercise my new skill of getting uncomfortable! I ordered my food first for my son and I. Cashier told me the price of $15.37 and without hesitating, I busted out my “Can I get a discount on that?”

The cashiers’s response was one of confusion at first and then as he was fumbling around with his computer, my friend was behind me and chimed in, “Yeah like a nice guy discount!”

The cashier then said, “Yeah sure, let me see what I can do here.”

About 15 seconds later, I saw the new price pop up of $13.25. Almost a 15% discount! Not bad just for asking.

I grabbed my drink and went to go find a seat only to discover that when my friend joined me, he also got the discount, WITHOUT asking! We had a good laugh!

So the 30 day challenge began the next day! Anytime we have to purchase something, we are going to ask for a discount and then record it in a shared note so we can let everyone know our results, good and bad, fun and folly!

Humans are really good about being transactional! Never challenging the status quo. We want things to be kosher. Why ruffle the feathers?

What if we could be more transformational on a daily basis? You might be thinking that this little experiment is just a silly way to save a little money. Nope!

This is a psychological experience to help us overcome even bigger challenges ahead! First ask for a discount, then ask for what ever your heart desires!

If you have a little funny feeling in your stomach when I bring this challenge up, then this is actually the perfect challenge for you!

Fear holds us back! Fear always holds us back. What is the opportunity cost in that “hold us back” type of fear?

“I could never do that”

“That person would never talk to me”

“I’m not good enough for this or that”

“I’m embarrassed to be put in that situation”

These are things we tell ourselves everyday. They are the what if’s and the shoulduvs!

This might feel a little a cray cray or a little out there but let me assure you that only those who attempt the absurd, achieve the impossible!

We can all be mavericks!

What’s a maverick? It’s an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

We all have our own version of being a maverick. Sometimes it’s needs to be coaxed out a little.

Synonyms for maverick are individualistic, nonconformist, free sprit, unconventional, original trendsetter, eccentric, bohemian, outsider, rebel.

Those all sound a little fun don’t they?!?

There are little or big versions of this inside of everyone of us. Sometimes to self discover what we are capable of, takes mini challenges like this.

Let’s all help each other discover the maverick within. Join us in our journey to not only save some money, but to also gain more confidence and kick fear in the teeth!

Stay frosty and GRIND on!


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