Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

Choice is Yours

The ups and downs of having feelings of worry and doubt can become a bit crippling. I’ve been trying to figure out what that feeling is and why it’s been plaguing me and the other day it really dawned on me the emotion that I was overcome with.


Hitting times in your life where you are not sure at all if something is going to work out. Or if what you are doing is the right fit for you. Or if your bills will continue to get paid. That can create a huge sense of urgency and fear.

Being in a state of fear can provide a couple different outcomes.

1.) It will cause you to do something completely irrational strictly to survive. Sometimes this works out but most times it is a disaster.

2.) If channeled properly, fear can be a vibration that causes you to take massive action in a direction you need to go. Think fight or flight.

Where has my recent fear been coming from?

Recently I bought my third investment property. At the same time I have been building a real estate team. What I have discovered is that building a real estate team is exactly like starting your own business. Essentially, I have pumped almost every bit of profit back into the team. Because of a recent business move I made about 18 months ago to try and build an even bigger team, I had to take quite a few steps back on the income spectrum to attempt to make this work.

The outcome so far has been quite amazing. There have been multiple wins along the way mentally in my leadership growth as well as my business acumen. Last week the fear set in when I realized that I was running on fumes in many of the areas of the business.

I started becoming a bit paralyzed with it as I have not been in this spot for quite some time.

Luckily, I started listening to Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s basically a follow up book from his best seller, Crush It. Essentially this book is about the people who took the principles from his first book and implemented them to become absolute ROCK STARS in their field.

I’m learning a couple things from this book:

1.) All of these people in this book went for broke with what they were attempting. They basically made almost zero money for years while they built something. They lived cheaply, they gave their product or service away for basically free, and they dove all in.

2.) Everyone of them was basically addicted to what they were trying to build. They figured out the thing that they absolutely love doing and they created a business surrounding that.

A couple things I want to note regarding these two crucial items.

The first one is amazing to me! I love hearing stories of regular people that go for broke or go for no, meaning they embraced the rejection! They know the risks and they go for it anyway. They live in their car, they sleep on a friends couch, they eat ramen noodles and then the icing on the cake: they are happier than the ones that are making 200K working a job they hate.

It’s a fallacy when they say that you shouldn’t take your passion and turn it into a job! What?!? That’s dumb dumb talk!

If there is one thing I have going for me is that I love what I do!

The hardest part of our job is the lead generating. It’s the part of any sales job that is the most challenging. Digging up the gold! The reason most people hate that part is that it’s really, really difficult.

Here’s the thing, I LOVE IT!

Talking to random people is my thang! Talking to people in general is my thang!

Now I get to do it and then eventually get paid when I connect people with people or turn those conversations into deals. Yes please!

This is why I keep coming back for more. Yes, the fear sets in every once in a while while you are building something awesome but that’s just a normal byproduct of going against the grain.

Doing hard things is HARD! And that’s going to create some fear along the way. This is totally natural.

I was talking to someone the other day about retiring and how bored I would be if I just fully retired. Now of course this is coming from 37 year old Joey. Maybe when I’m 65 I’ll be singing a different tune but for now, I don’t ever want to retire.

I just have too much shit I want to accomplish and I just love that!

Building a business of any kind is a GRIND! It’s going to be scary as hell and if you don’t have some fear a long the way on how bills are going to get paid, or how many times you are actually going to fail and do those fantastic flops, then it probably isn’t worth doing! This is part of it! If you don’t have fear then you are not doing something juicy enough!

Passion combined with some natural fear, mixed with action will produce amazing results if you keep going long enough. The average person stops when it gets too hard. They don’t give it enough time. You need to have patience and a really fricken positive attitude while surrounding yourself with people that are going to cheer you on not bring you down and create doubt.

Will you have fear? Of course!

It’s what you do with the fear that matters. Do you harness it and have it help you generate energy and spunk to keep driving forward or do you let it destroy you?

Choice is yours!

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