Transform Yourself

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Are you completely dissatisfied with the ways things are going in your life?

Have you ever felt that way?

This happens!

We face challenges that we are not prepared for.

There are struggles that derails us.

People that annoy us.

Journeys that don’t quite go the way we planned.

How do we make it through all these bumps along the way?

Or better yet, how can we transform our life to become the person we need to become to not only handle these challenges, but thrive in them?

I recently came home from an incredible event in Park City, Utah called Coaching Skills Camp. It’a a Keller Williams lead event that teaches us how to be better coaches, not only for the people we lead, but also for ourselves.

You are your own coach!

As you run into obstacles and adversity, you coach yourself through those moments with self talk and by asking yourself certain questions along the way that either save you or hurt you.

Introducing the circle of transformation.

Awareness of how to transform yourself or the people around you is no easy task. We all have certain programs that we have embedded deep in our subconscious. These programs are hard to change.

Hard, but not impossible.

Most of the time, people don’t or won’t change out of fear.

Fearing the possibility of failure.

Fearing success and what that could mean for you.

The fear people have can be absolutely crippling. It prevents most people from continuing on the journey of change. The fear turns into frustration and the cycle continues.

I imagine someone training for a half or full marathon.

They have this challenge. There will be some excitement but there will also be our friend fear in there. If you have some initial training hiccups there is good chance you could also get frustrated and the cycle continues.

Challenge then fear then frustrations.

What does it take to start transforming? In the case of the marathon, what does it take to become a runner of that caliber?

Of course one of the first things it takes is support.

You have to have a system in place or people around you to help guide you in whatever journey you are on. This is a such a crucial aspect in starting your journey of transformation.

Then comes commitment.

Transformation doesn’t happen without commitment. This powerful word get’s tossed around quite a bit but isn’t taken very seriously.

Are you truly committed to taking THE ACTIONS it takes to reach the goal? True commitment comes along with responsibility.

When you want to transform your life into something different, something amazing, then it takes commitment and responsibility. The mission will be accomplished!

Be where you say you are going to be. Do what you say you are going to do. It’s all about ACTION!

That is the hardest part right there. Digging deep on staying committed and responsible to the actions it takes.

You have to actually do things. Being a person of action means you have to maximize your experience by not living on the sidelines.

You have to get into the arena of life and get a little vulnerable by taking risks, asking for the deal, or picking up the phone. This is where the transformation starts taking place and you start transitioning.

I remember back when I trained for my first marathon. I had never associated myself with being a runner in the past. So what happened?

Of course I had the challenge, then definitely the fear but then I signed up for my first one so I committed by paying money and coming up with a training regiment which meant I had to take massive amounts of action. I trained and trained and slowly but surely the transition started happening and low and behold, I changed my beliefs. I was a runner.

After the transition, you actually change the old beliefs you have had into something completely different.

Once you get to this point, you continue learning along the way until habits start to change.

Once you have the habit then you have actually achieved re-programming your brain and you transform.

Sounds like a long journey and a lot of work doesn’t it?

What do you think the cost would be of transforming into a different person?

This takes massive amount of work!

It all starts with you being dissatisfied with something you have going on in your life and getting past the fear of making moves and causing disruption.

That circle of transformation is a constant journey that will continue on throughout your life. The key is to not let your fears turn into frustrations and you stay in the challenge-fear-frustraion loop!

Committing, taking responsibility and extreme ownership of your actions will get you through and transform your life!

Stay frosty and always GRIND ON!


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