Ninja Time Blocks

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If you are not in control of your calendar, someone else is!

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Every Sunday evening before the week gets started I take a look at the week ahead and determine what I would like to accomplish. It really only takes about 30 minutes or so to sit down, look at my calendar, and plan the upcoming week.

The mission is to not only determine what is in store for the week but it’s also to ensure I have all the elements that are in line with my particular theme to be in my calendar.

For example, something I recently learned from Mel Robbins from the 5 Second Rule is to set “end” times for your day. For those who have a dedicated end time already this might not be as necessary but I actually think it applies for everyone living today.

The smart phone has given us all the capability to work whenever and whereever. This is actually an awesome opportunity since we have the flexibility for when we decide to be productive but if we don’t actually set an “end” time for our “work” days, then we can find ourselves working all the time which of course leads to burn out.

Setting an end time also helps keep you focused throughout the day. When you know you only have so much time to accomplish the mission then you stay focused on what’s important. It’s also crucial to put this end time in your calendar with a reminder 2 hours before and 1 hour before that end time so you know it’s approaching. This will help ensure you stay on track.

There is also something magical about your subconscious. It’s works in your favor when you ask it to. Just the small action of saying you are going to actually end your day at such and such time gets your brain working in that direction. Ask and you shall receive.

This works in other cool and mysterious ways.

For example, last week I had a goal of setting a listing appointment for the week. On Sunday I looked at my calendar and since I believe in the power of the universe and my subconscious, I decided that I wanted that appointment to happen on Tuesday afternoon at 330pm. I blocked it out on my calendar and then my mission on Monday was to fill that spot at all costs.

It’s weird how things work but on Monday within about 4 hours of the day starting, I filled that spot.

The key here is being intentional with your life. The mantra is, if it’s not on your calendar it doesn’t exist. I used to fight that a bit because I didn’t want my life to be run by some digital device or some old school planner.

In fact, years ago I had a conversation with my coach regarding planning my time off. I mentioned that I would like to have a hookie day here and there. She stated that I should put that on my calendar somewhere. At first I balked at this idea because I thought about the fact that a hookie day was supposed to be somewhat serendipitous.

She mentioned that it can be. Just have it be planned serendipity!

I guess I had never looked at it that way before.

Change the way you look at things and the way you look at things change.

If we want more fun, more joy, more activity, more appointments in our life, then we need to plan them accordingly and they will magically happen.

Want to see your friends more often? Put a friends lunch or two in your calendar for the week and see how it will magically fill up with a friends lunch!

Want to exercise in the morning? Make sure that is time blocked first thing in the morning with a reminder the evening before so your subconscious mind helps you out by naturally allowing you to get up in the morning.

Want to go to bed early? Put “go to bed” in your calendar with a reminder 1 hour and 30 minutes before you want to be winding down.

The nice thing about life is that there are so many things we can control but yet we relinquish control.

For example, if you have a completely empty calendar, then you are at the mercy of other peoples stuff getting in there.

It reminds me of a story I have heard regarding Gary Keller when he was writing the book The One Thing.

One of the regional managers wanted to get GK on a quick 15 minute conference call regarding this and tha and GKs response was epic.

In so many words he basically said, “No, I’m writing a book”.


He was pretty freaking clear on what his mission was and he wasn’t going to allow anything to interrupt that.

If your calendar is 100% blank then you are not giving yourself an opportunity to accomplish the myriad of amazing things you would like to accomplish. Everything needs to get blocked.

Some may consider this crazy and feel like there are shackles on. Those are usually the ones that complain that they never get anything done. They allow everything else in the world to get in the way of their mission in life.

First step of course is to get a mission or to lock down your theme for the year, month, week, and day. This will make things much more clear. If you don’t have this then it’s hard to chart a course.

Two things:

1.) Make sure you have the right themes for your life daily, weekly, monthly. This will make it so much easier to navigate a full and bountiful life. One that you are proud of!

2.) Put all of the important things on your calendar to ensure they all happen or at least give you the best opportunity for them to happen. Is it a perfect system? No, because of course life will show up here and there but this system will give you the best shot of a successful life!

Grind on and stay frosty!

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