The Day That Changes Everything

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Interesting thoughts occur on New Year’s Day.

Everyone in the world gets this one day to start over.

You get a chance to begin a new.

You can recreate your entire being!

You are a new person with new ideals, new goals, and NEW NEW NEW!

What happened to that old person? What happened to all those mistakes you made? What about all those extra deserts you have eaten? Are you no longer going to have those? Are you done indulging in excess?

New Year’s Day is made up holiday that gives us a chance to start over. The tax year ends, we can turn the page on the old year no matter what happened, good or bad.

I love playing the what if game.

I’ve always a been a huge what if’er! What if I’m wrong? What if you are wrong? What if we did it this way or that way? What if I didn’t work today? What if I played extra hard today.

What if we lived each day like it was New Year’s Day?

What if we could reset everyday?

Had a bad day, didn’t work out, ate too much, who cares, we can reset tomorrow.

We could even take this moment to moment.

We are in control of how we respond to every moment that comes our way.

Instead of waiting until a Monday, or the 1st of the month, or after the weekend, I encourage everyone to BE THE EXCEPTION! Change what you need to RIGHT IN THAT MOMENT!

You are still going to make mistakes! Lots of them!

That’s OK! The cool thing is that if you didn’t die, then you have an opportunity to start over. Moment to moment.

There have been some themes in my life lately that I have not been happy with. I look back at 2018 and as I look forward to 2019, there are a couple things I would love to maintain focus on.

Theme #1- Quit succumbing to distractions.

We have this amazing ability to create some AWESOME content and it’s being stifled more and more everyday with distraction after distraction.

This could be email dings, those little numbers on your apps, the phone ringing, or your office mate dropping in.

We can’t help ourselves but indulge in these distractions.

If you would like to have more depth in your life, get rid of the most addicting things that will pull you away from your most important thing, what ever that is in the moment.

The true issue is that these distractions, whether it be your phone, social media, blah blah blah, are EASY! They are easy to sucked into and it takes no effort on your part. So while you are being distracted, the really IMPORTANT THINGS in your life are going down!

Theme #2- Prioritizing ME!

In this world it’s super easy to have other things completely run your life and make it feel that you are living a life true to others things versus true to yourself.

For example, I’ve noticed that I don’t have enough fun recently and that just ain’t cool! We don’t have time to NOT have fun! In fact our entire day should revolve around it.

Yes, I understand that having some pain here in there in the form of a badass workout or super duper hard project is important, but we need to take our time back It should be WORLD WAR 3 for someone stealing your “YOU” time

Be super hyper aware of that this year, this month, and today! Who and what is taking your time? Take it back!

Theme #3- FOCUS!

Commit to something and dive in 100% to the finish!

I’m so guilty of having a million different things going on all at once that they all are a bit lack luster. I’m just not cool with that anymore so it means trimming down or finishing what you partially have going.

For example, I’ve been reading about 5 books all at once. Boooooooo!

Finish one, dive deep, learn from it and then move on! A sub theme for focus is DEEP WORK! Tackle something and go deep! So crucial!

For example, today we are doing an “all day call day”.

Guess what? If you are going to have an all day call day then CALL ALL DAY!

Remember you are either all in or not in at all!

If you discover that the book you are reading is no good or the thing you signed up for really does suck, then of course, you can stop it and move on. You have that choice in most cases.

Theme #4- Follow through and accountability.

Say what you are going to do and do what you are going to say! Take action!

Instead of talk talk talking about your goals and dreams, do something about it. There are already enough fakers out there

Want to run a marathon? Sign up for it, start training, and run the damn thing.

Want to have 50,60,70 closings this year? Commit to the activities it takes, dig in, and not only create the plan, follow through on the plan and achieve your dreams.

The world has enough people we can’t count on. Don’t be one of them.

Theme #5- Extreme ownership!

Take 100% responsibility for your actions and own up to EVERYTHING! Don’t be a victim….EVER! No one cares anyway. They don’t care that you are sick, that you had a flat tire, that your kid is sick, that this excuse or that excuse happened. Let’s just be honest with this. NO ONE CARE! Every single person on this planet has those things happening to them. Everyone.

Again, BE THE EXCEPTION. Be the one that perseveres through all the hardships, all the hiccups, and all the rest of the difficult and not so difficult excuses we all make for our short comings. Take ownership of your situation no matter who’s fault it is.

2019 is here. Make every day in it count and if a day here or there sucks (which one of them is bound to do) revel in the fact that you can pick it back up tomorrow or the next moment.

Stay frosty and Grind On!

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