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Time for a DETOX!

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash
Changing the future starts right now.It starts with what you decide to focus on. And it’s dependent on your willingness to continue learning.- Dan Pederson

We could call this a detox! If you want to make a significant change you usually have to remove something in your life and add something else in it’s absence.

A good example of this is when people do a food detox. My wife and I are embarking on one starting today interestingly enough. We bombard our bodies with all kinds of things that are not good for us and then we are so surprised when we are lethargic, gain weight, or get sick all the time. That’s when you know it’s time to change.

It’s time for a detox.

We can detox all kinds of things in our lives

Here are my highlights:


As my man Macklmore would say, “Things are just things, they don’t make you who you are. Can’t pack up a Uhaul and take it with you when you’re gone.

My wife and I are at the finish line fo doing a massive declutter journey with our personal belongings at my homestead. It’s amazing how good that detox feels! Take each item you own, put it in your hands and ask, “Does this spark joy”? The answer usually comes fairly quickly and it’s usually “NO”.

Time to detox it!

Now our household is filled with all kinds of things that bring us joy and it just feels way better.


We know we have this all around us. It’s hard to have Star Wars type shields up for this at times. It’s important to do a negative detox every once in a while. Take a look at the people around you. Are they negative?

Detox time!

On another note, if you are constantly hit with the negative bombs from the news, and certain social media avenues, then it might be time to do some detoxing! I personally have chosen to not watch the news. EVER! It’s really bad! Join me in that journey!


I recently gave up alcohol because it was just not doing me any favors anymore. So it had to go! I realized that this wasn’t adding any real benefit to my life. Will I be done forever? Who knows? But for now…

I detoxed it!

The book This Naked Mind by Annie Grace helped me out with this one! Our bodies are amazing and can detox itself but at what expense?

If you don’t take care of this body, where will you live?- Jim John

Social Media-

I know, I know! You heard this one before!

The studies are out! We spend too much time on social media and it’s crushing the tight knit social fabric we have as human beings.

Detox it!

If you don’t want to eliminate it all together, that’s fine. Time to hop on the moderation train! Set some limits for yourself and your family. Removes the apps from your phone for 30 days and see what happens. 30 day experiments are always your best friend!

Grass is Greener Mindset-

Time to clean this out of our minds! This doesn’t serve us! Worrying about what others have and who others know, is toxic! It brings us down into the dumps and makes us constantly try and get things that we don’t have that are not going to make us happy anyway!

Time to rock out the jealousy detox!

Self loathing-

Nothing is more harmful and toxic to your body and mind than not loving yourself! We go around saying how important this is to our kids, and to others but then we forget to love ourselves. This crushes self confidence and makes our body full of debilitating stress hormones that have a myriad of bad effects!

Love yourself people!

You are the only one of you there is! Embrace it and let your light shine!


I just read an article about a New Zealand company that reduced their work week down to 4 days. So they went from 40 hours, to 32 hours and paid their people the same. The result?

Massive productivity and happiness increase! That’s weird? Work less, get more done! Interesting little paradigm shift huh!?

Time to detox our work habits.

Rest and relaxation is where your best ideas will happen anyway. They won’t happen in a meeting! I still believe in hard work pays, but it needs a counter balance with massive amount of rest and even more fun!

Make it detox day! Figure out what you need to detox in your life and start the journey of getting rid of it! ! It will be tough at first, but so rewarding in the end. Maybe you need to blow up your calendar and start removing things, maybe it’s decluttering your house, or maybe, like myself, it’s detoxing your body! What ever it is, start right now!

As my man Yoda would say, Do or do not, there is no try!

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