Your Most Valuable Resource

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According to my calculation, if I make it to 80 I have about 22 million of them left. Sounds like a high number but of course maybe I only have 5000 of them left? We never really know do we?

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Our minutes are the most valuable resource we possess!

Awareness of things like this is as much a gift as it is an annoying pull towards something else. Something bigger or better or maybe just different.

It reminds me of a scene from the 1999 classic movie, The Matrix, where Cipher says the all too classic line:

Ignorance is bliss

Is ignorance bliss?

Not knowing what else is in store for you; is that bliss?

Is living a life preset and programmed for you bliss?

Self awareness is not always a blissful experience.

It’s a painful journey to attempt to discover what exactly you are meant to do with the days, hours, and minutes you have left.

Those minutes should not be squandered.

Do you think you waste time in fruitless endeavors?

Are you purposeful with your minutes?

Personally I wasted about 30 of them last night trying to figure out how to delete multiple Facebook friends from my account only to discover that it was not going to work.

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Becoming hyper aware of the time you spend on things is a crucial part of the journey.

Some of things that you partake in are a fantastic use of your minutes. Others things, not so much.

For example, we had a birthday party for my mother in law this last weekend. My wife and I hosted the event.

What a fantastic use of my minutes. We had about 20 people over to our house. All of them loved ones and friends. We laughed and laughed all day long and into the night. The conversation was fantastic, the rekindling of relationships great, and the overall vibe of the day was one of the best ways I can think of to spend my minutes.

The test you can use is the proverbial death bed test. Ask yourself today, will I regret these uses of my minutes on my death bed? There might be some interesting answers, thoughts, or discussions on this question.

Self awareness is the first part of the journey into how you spend your time. Notice I say first part. There are many steps in this journey but it has to start with being self aware.

For example, have you ever spoken to someone that is on their phone texting. It’s not their fault. They are not self aware of what they are doing or how they are making you feel.

Or are they?

Maybe they ARE self aware of what they are doing and they just don’t care. They think that what they are doing is more important than talking to you. This is a conundrum isn’t it?

Self awareness is only the start. Self regulation is the grind.

We can be self aware of things but if we don’t change anything, then self awareness only goes so far and I will share a little secret with you; it doesn’t go far at all.

Another example. How many people are completely self aware that they are out of shape? Lots of people fit this category.

If they are self aware, it should be easy to change then right?


Self awareness is only the first step to change. Sometimes it’s an easy step, and sometimes, it’s really hard because you might not be aware of the damage you are doing to yourself, your relationships, your business, etc.

Once you are aware of this or that, taking the steps to change what you are doing, how you are feeling, or how you are reacting is why most people in the world stay in exactly the same spot or same position as they have always been in.

Let’s think about this. Are we really on this planet to work our asses off for 30–40 years just to discover that we screwed it up because now we retire, get cancer, and die?

I know, I just went down the negative path there for a second. But let’s hang there for just a few moments longer.

You become self aware that your minutes are SUPER valuable! Maybe you realize that the 10–15 hours of time the average person spends on social media every week is not quite worth it any more. I mean that is 40–50 hours per month or 720 hours per year which does equate to about 30 days out of your year! 30 DAYS!!!

Is the value of that particular activity worth 30 days of your life every year?

Ok, so you are aware of it now. Here comes the tricky part.

Self regulation.

Having the ability to know what is the value of your minutes and what is actually valuable to you as a person.

What do you value?

What fire is in your belly? What’s in your heart?

What types of things bring you massive amounts of joy?

Knowing your true values and beliefs is so critical to having a life worth living.

One of the values I’ve recently let slip was my personal connections. I’ve made spending my minutes on other things a priority and let personal connections go to the wayside. Remember, first step is awareness, second step is ACTION!

That’s why I have about 30 coffee and lunch meetings on the books in the next couple weeks. Yes, I took it to that level and I’m very excited about that.

There was an article that helped me become aware of my own connection folly. It was from a hospice care attendant.

He mentioned that he noticed that all the people on their death bed could not stop talking about the people in their lives. Their loved ones, their family, their friends. That was the number one thing that most people talked about while they had only days left to live. They did not discuss their accomplishments, nor did they discuss their businesses or all the web surfing they did.

It was all about the people!

The commerce between hearts is connection. Don’t let your minutes slip. They are your absolute most valuable resource!

Stay frosty out there and GRIND ON!

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