Is YouTube falling back?

“Agh another advertisement again.” Is the phrase you hear when someone nowadays tries to open a video on YouTube. And they are right. Whatever this giant media company is doing, it’s not helping them in the musical race between Spotify, Apple Music, and the many other applications like Pandora that are competing to offer limitless music to the public for very low costs.

But however far they have fallen back, because of it’s huge market, YouTube has not been affected as much as you might think. Having more than 1 billion active users each month, YouTube is still the leading media website. Offering not only the latest music, music videos, clips, and amusements of today’s world. But it also servers as a news website that offers a vast amount of information on almost anything you can set your mind on. Teaching people how to play the piano, how to do calculus, and how to cook, all at the same time. So even though it’s musical perspective might have fallen down in comparison to how it used to be. This new arising competition will do YouTube good as it will force it to innovate further.

As the company tries to get back onto the saddle, its begun offering a new service that eliminates adds. YouTube Red is the new service that you can subscribe to monthly. What it seems to offer is add-free streaming, offline and background playback of videos on mobile devices. Meaning that you can watch something while you’re not connected to the internet and without any adds. (Well thanks for nothing) And being available only in the United States, it doesn’t help the companies’ world-wide market in regards to their annoyances with these useless advertisements. However we do understand that these ads are what keep YouTube going. It doesn’t mean that they should interrupt our streaming. What could work better would be having a separate window in the corner of the screen or even in the corner of the video we are wishing to play, and have the advertisements play there. As we have the option to enlarge and see them or be able to take them away, instead of waiting for an advertisement to load, and when we skip the advertisement, we have to wait for our video to load. This being a whole other issue of patience.

As the technological and mobile world is always evolving, the need for more and faster information becomes essential. So when YouTube does things like load advertisements that are often meaningless to us and then has us wait for the ads to finish, is quite time consuming. After which we have to wait for the videos we actually want to watch load. And that’s something that the technological generation of today will not accept. This will push people to substitute YouTube’s media and use another channel/route to get the information they need.

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