I never ran for longer than 15 seconds.

Mandatory Disclaimer:

***I am not a medical doctor. I am a self-experimenter. This is my personal experience. Consult a medical doctor for any and all concerns related to your health.***

I’ve always had an oddly high resting heart rate, despite my healthy bodyweight, floating at around 85–100 beats per minute.

I never had a genuine concern for my health, but this heart rate absolutely perplexed me. Even when I ran cross country in high school, my heart would consistently beat around 90 times per minute.

My index and middle finger were pressed against my neck all wrong I would assume, trying to…

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Mandatory Disclaimer:

***I am not a medical doctor. I am a self-experimenter interested in nutrition. Consult a medical doctor for any and all concerns related to your health.***

Over the last few years, the world of nutrition and longevity has made unprecedented leaps.

Every day, aging is looking more and more like a chronic disease rather than an inevitability. These 6 strategies could potentially extend your healthspan and boost happiness by delaying aging and chronic disease.

Let’s dive in.

1. Fasting

Fasting is an incredibly effective way to prevent the onset of chronic diseases like aging, cancer, and diabetes, therefore lengthening your healthspan.


They spot Mark Zuckerberg, Cher, and Tim Ferriss watching Warren Buffet bench 315…

When you leave college and step into the real world, you’re faced with true freedom for the first time. Every day, you wake up and decide what you’re going to do with your time, where you’re going to go in life, and how you’re going to look while you’re getting there.

Whether you make these decisions consciously or unconsciously, you’re setting the path for your life every second of every day.

You could ramp up your freelance writing career or apply to be a columnist. You could…

Give your cells an oil change with autophagy.

Autophagy is a bodily process that occurs naturally, without you knowing. What’s interesting is that what you do every day has a direct effect on it.


If you take a microscopic peek into all the living organisms of the animal kingdom, you’ll find that they all share one thing. Autophagy. It’s the most basic of intracellular processes, yet it’s potentially the most vital.

Autophagy is a brilliant process by which your cells recycle damaged material into new, healthy material. …

Are you eating enough of it?

Salt is an incredibly important electrolyte that keeps your whole body healthy. It’s needed to maintain proper levels of hydration, bone density, brain health, and salt also helps your heart pump blood properly.

Why then, do doctors recommend cutting back your salt intake?

Salt was harshly labeled public enemy number 1 in the 1980s. The American Heart Association and other big health organizations pointed their fingers angrily at poor ol’ salt.

While their disdain of this beneficial electrolyte is unwarranted, their understanding of why salt causes heart attacks is quite simple…

When you have…

A solution to the mental health problem in teens.

Outside, it was pitch black. The icy air covered my window in frost and the ground sat still, layered in three feet of heavy, crunchy snow. The contorted trees around my house stood bare and helpless, getting brutally tormented by blasts of freezing wind.

The environment was dead.

It was like the world had frozen over, leaving us with a barren wasteland of nothingness. Amid this eery tranquility, seemingly out of spite, a blood-curdling sound pierced through the air of my room like an electric bolt. …

And no, it’s not a pill.

When you think of losing weight, what do you think?

  • counting calories
  • brutal running

And that right there is where people stop and give up. But, a few new studies from Dr. Satchin Panda are shedding light on a new and easy method of losing the pounds…

Time-restricted feeding.

In these studies, there were two groups of mice. One group received food over an 11 hour time window at night (when mice are supposed to eat) and one group received food around the clock. …

You could fix this right now. And no, a hair vitamin gummy off Instagram won’t help.

1977: The Year That Ruined America

In 1977, new dietary guidelines were released that monumentally shifted the standard American diet (abbreviated SAD). In 1977, we stopped eating butter, we stopped eating saturated fats, and we started hating on animal products. In 1977, the obesity epidemic began.


Absolutely f*cking not.

Ever since the year 1977 when the wretched anti-fat propaganda began, the obesity rate has risen steadily at about .5% per year. But, this shift in diet didn’t just make us fat, it made us bald and sluggish.

Hair Loss

Male-pattern baldness…

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