America’s betrayal of its most important ally in Syria
Ahnaf Kalam

Ahnaf, thanks so much for spelling out this horrible injustice being perpetrated by a supposed NATO ally. The rightward drift of Erdogan is unmistakable. He will play the Islamic fundamentalist and Kurdish cards with increasing vehemence now that he has been given the chance to purge liberal opposition. His only option to quell more popular dissent is to militarise and provide scapegoats. For Iran, Iraq and Turkey the Kurds have ever been in the handiest of scapegoats. If you want to see the imperialist ambitions of these countries look at the way they have treated their Kurdish minorities.

Before I make mention of the USA, lets just remember that the British Empire tasked with breaking up the Ottoman empire failed the Kurds and Armenians by dividing them into minorities ripe for oppression.

This will not be the first time that the USA has used and abandoned the Kurds. In 1975, at the behest of the vile Henry Kissinger, the USA stopped encouraging the Kurdish resistance to Hussein and switched sides. Kissinger’s infamous remark as Kurds were slaughtered was “Can’t they take a joke?” And Bush senior did it again in Desert Storm. If ever there was a time for clean regime change in Iraq that was it. You see the legacy we now have from allowing Hussein and his Republican Guard to prepare for the next inevitable falling out with Washington.

While Kissinger did it for ultra conservative ideology. Bush for real politik. Obama is so weak on this washing his hands and dithering. I understand that there are problems between nervous Kurdish leaders in Iraq at increasing Kurdish success in Syria but I am convinced that if the Kurds in both areas had been given military arms and strategic support. ISIS, however covertly supported by Turkey, would now be a fading memory. Semi autonomous regions for Kurds are long overdue. I believe they are one of the keys to peace in the region.

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