I cannot fathom why I continually return to this place that houses so much hate, and encourages the spread of it.
I am not a lampshade.
Marisa Kabas

Denying the Holocaust, or worse rejoicing in it is on the rise. I was much taken with the link you made how social media and the internet throws petrol on simmering hatred.

First the Holocaust, I am old enough to have seen the first appalling pictures of concentration camp victims, mere skeletons themselves lying for cold comfort on the bodies of their relatives. The pictures were fading to sepia in pictorial records of the war. They changed my life. So this is what we are capable of, is the crux of the message.

I would add to the sentiment that only love can conquer hate, true so far as it goes. I would add that that love must take the form of constant vigilance, on the look out for the stirring of the demons we all carry.

I think, I hope and I admire that vigilance is why you continually return to the place where hatred declared itself, masked in anonymity that spreads the shame onto all of us.

I lack your courage to return to the blighted virtual forums. A friend said that everybody shouts and nobody listens, but that isn’t quite right. Some people orchestrate the shouting, as Animal Farm would have it “Four legs good. Two legs bad.”

The trolls are trying to pin a yellow six pointed star onto your ip address. This is not freedom of speech. It’s a search for scapegoats to be driven out carrying the blame for all our sins.

I draw a clear distinction between your pride in the marvellous achievements that your co religionists shared with the world and a false pride in Nation that is so shallow that it can only be bolstered by hating those who are different or recently arrived.

I’m glad that you have responded to these growling thugs, on medium where I hope we will take the time to imagine how we can help with your battle