My final post about Jeremy
Rob Francis

Don’t stop. Perhaps reframe. JC is clearly a cult of personality and as such the extreme modesty of his talents can be made a virtue. He’s just like us say his young followers, but of course he isn’t. He’s 67 and his political shape has solidified into one that we both find both unappetising and even dangerous. He is not flexible just because he has backed so many tiny campaigns. He doesn’t want to talk about Trotskyist infiltration because his grand conception of a social movement adhering to purity of principle and slogan is pretty much Trotsky’s much vaunted “united front”.

I am hoping I will get further in various arguments with his core support at the CLP or wherever by addressing what I see as the extreme weakness of his policies. For example he is for the big state in his call for old fashioned renationalisation. I happened to like British Rail but I can see how it contained its own demise in its remoteness from the travelling public and for the fact that it is run ultimately by bureaucrats. Don’t get me wrong I love a good administrator but the way the Government with conflicting priorities inevitably sabotages civil servants and appointees set up to run industries or contract manage franchises means the best administrators would fail. The big industries need to be broken down to a point where community, trustees and management can achieve some kind of balance. Perhaps there’s a chance of young Momentum members seeing the sense of that as disillusion with JC sets in