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I find this article to be self indulgent in its parochialism. The writer’s aim seems to be to plant a daffodil on a decaying Brexit vote. The assumptions are that if you “get” nationalism nothing more need be said. If you don’t then we are not talking to you anyway.

I have looked in vain for anything in the vision generates the passion the author seems to feel without stating it. There is nothing except seizing the chance to take a kick at labour while it’s down. Maybe this raises cheers in the Assembly Government but outside of a political class detached from ordinary concerns — Nada.

Now maybe labour deserves a boot or two but this rhetoric tires quickly unless we hear what vision of an inclusive society that provides opportunity and equality will replace it. Without a credible new vision Plaid would lead Wales into the same pit of disappointment and bitterness that is beginning to settle on Brexiteers. That is bitterness and division following a first past the post decision about “independence”. Just as in Scotland, fragmenting nationalism has no answer to our dependence on our neighbours or on international capital. Both Plaid and the SNP are Blairites in national costumes.

Perhaps even more important is the dearth of discussion about what strategy will a small state be able to deliver in an increasingly international world. The threat is global capital the chances of a tiny statelets like Wales or Northern Ireland in answering this threat alone are vanishingly small. In propaganda it offers something called refreshed energy from the renewed birth of the nation. It is perhaps better named as something from nothing. Paradoxically the call to independence will simply make dependence more starkly visible, with the begging bowl held out increasingly. The Welsh people deserve better answers than this.

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