Actually Yes, Let’s Keep Litigating The Democratic Primary
Michael Tracey

It’s simultaneously amusing and sick making watching this pointless argument endless repeated on Medium. Hey! It’s done. If there are lessons to be learned from the primary let alone the election they won’t come out of the mutual search for someone to blame on the Democratic side. Progressives need to give up on yesterday’s dreams.

Clinton was complacent and her campaign got the timing of her big attacks on Trump completely wrong. She followed Trump into the gutter. It’s hard looking back to remember what she claimed she could do, not that she was without ideas. They didn’t get across. She is done. Let her go and start building for the next woman candidate. If you don’t it could be 50 years before another one comes along.

Sanders really fought the primaries like Trump’s mini me. That and his sudden and brief conversion to the Democrats suggests strongly that he is and was an opportunist, who could not deliver a tenth part of his promises. Have you looked at the UK lately? Their Sanders got himself elected to lead the main opposition party. His leadership is based on a relatively small cohort of young people and marginal left wingers who vote him no matter what. Sounds familiar? Jeremy Corbyn is 38% points behind Theresa May, (Trump with brains and a skirt). He is actually 11% points negative. So many more people don’t understand him, don’t like him and don’t trust him. Let Mr Sanders go back to obscurity, thankful that he can’t damage the democrats any further.

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