On Brexit, Trump, and Anti-Intellectualism
Dave Huynh

This needs saying and repeating. There are lessons from Brexit that anyone wishing to stop Trump would do well to learn.

Mr Huynh is right that the pro EU arguments are more complex than the Leave campaign. However Remain did not really address this issue. There was no real proud to be European strapline. The older generation who voted leave referenced WW2 and the so called Dunkirk spirit — basically we got kicked out of Europe and spun it as an escape. Nobody spoke about D Day when we rescued and remade Europe and yes God bless the USA! You should be proud of your internationalism. Say it loud and accept the attacks as a way of keeping your values on the front page.

Another mistake we remainers made was the failure to address the decades of hostility to Europe from the right wing media. It’s only after the defeat that a paper dedicated to being European was launched. Hasn’t the media in the US been dripping poison on HRC’s case for decades? She has plenty to boast about.

We got fascinated by the Brexit lies and by the utter hollowness of their claims. We moved onto their agenda with rebuttals from experts. Leavers heard this as “yada yada, they would say that wouldn’t they”, because they had already accepted the “truth” of their position.

There was an interesting example with the EU decision that Google should pay Ireland 30 billion in taxes that the company was exempted in a sweetheart deal. Leavers had restraining international capital as one of their main planks believing that big money had created and controlled the political elite (any public figure who disagreed with them). However many have shuffled onto Google’s side because the EU are “interfering”. This truth has a strong grip on adherents.

Isn’t this the truth of Trump’s campaign. Keep the spotlight on me! Play the celebrity culture game — what else has he got? HRC needs to make some big claims of the “American people help us put people on Mars” variety. Take back the agenda.

We remainers came across as patronising. Well for a while anyway. We had the better logic and better information but when our opponents wouldn’t consent to be force fed we got just as angry as they were — at them! So much for the moral high ground. Bernie supporters of the never Hilary variety should ponder on that and ask themselves where can Republicans who can’t support Trump go? In times of crisis when popular rage is setting the agenda, “independents” may offer intellectual consolation but its a barren plot.

Yes Mr Huynh there is a real danger from the “donkey vote” that blighted Australian politics, but there are people on the other side that can be talked to. I’d like to count myself as one of the educated you refer to but must admit I’m not too proud of my thinking and reactions during the campaign and since. Hope my comments don’t seem patronising.

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