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This statement cannot be emphasised enough. The particular accusation of pedophelia gives rise to very strong emotions that are a terrible burden for victims to bear. Victims can be either sexually abused children or falsely accused adults. Victims often find themselves in a web of violent words and actions from their abusers and their defenders including friends and families. Where is the chance for them to make their own voices heard and to explore their own feelings about their fractured worlds?

The exploitation by fake news and social media of this sad and terrible crime is despicable. Children are often afraid to speak out about their abuse precisely because they have been told that terrible disasters will follow if they do. Guns in pizza parlours is a convincing example. So there you go. This fake story, this crying wolf has added to the burden on victims.

Mr Flynn’s tweet that he will keep repeating the accusation until it’s disproved is a self serving canard. Ask any competent mathematician about proving the negative and watch them turn grey. Things can only be disproved when they are supported by detail which can be checked. It is also important to a child who is disclosing to give this detail, so the crime can emerge from the dream world where the abuser tries to keep it. Mr Flynn should examine his conscience before he helps keep accusations in the dream world that is destroying our public lives.

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