You make assumptions about my politics and faith and you know nothing about either.
I scanned your reply but life is too short to read a lot of bullshit.
William Johns

To be clear I didn’t make assumptions about either your faith or your politics, what I did was read your article carefully and draw conclusions before commenting. That’s a courtesy you are not prepared to extend to me. I regret that.

As you are in a rush I’ll make it simple.

If you hate the KKK why are you on the bus with them?

They actively support Trump’s campaign and he has accepted their support. Does that give you qualms?

Trump/KKK have selected deporting the Mexicans/Latinos in the USA as their priority. What religion are most of these scapegoats?

Many Princes of the Holy Roman Church have been inspirational, I select Archbishop Oscar Romero and Pope Francis as exemplars. Do you agree?

The Vatican has had dark times and World War II was one of them. It was left to courageous priests, nuns and congregations to extend Christ’s hand to suffering Jews. This is not to mock or seek to destroy a universal faith.

I salute your military service and that of your family. I agree wholeheartedly with your conclusion that evil unchallenged is evil multiplied.

The issue of Planned Parenthood is difficult for everyone or it should be. It might deserve an article on its own.

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