Assault and Violence Against Women

This week in class we were focused on women who were victims of assault. To start of the topic on Monday, we had a guest speaker Laura Weaver, who works at the Women’s Resource Center of the New River Valley. She first went in depth about how the center works, she talked about the how the clinic was a safe haven for women who are or have been in a violent relationship of and sort. What I found incredible was when she said that they go to the hospitals where the victim is at and they are there to explain what is happening to them and why the person who committed the act harmed them. They also help family members and friends cope with what has happened to their loved once, and most importantly let them know that she is there to help and proved any service the victim or family member may need. I love this about the resource center because they are there to as a support system rather than questioning and blaming victims for what has happened to them. Weaver also explained to the class that physical violence is not the only violence out there. Violence can go as far as mental, emotional, and verbal. Because many people are not aware of the many kinds of violence they don’t know what is happening to them is wrong and that they should not be treated like that. She also had us put ourselves in the shoes of most victims who are in violent relationship, we were given scenarios where we were abused by our loved one and she would ask us would leave or stay in the abusive relationship. What we came to conclusion at the end of the scenarios we were given is that most women choose to stay in those violent relationship because they don’t have anywhere else to go, their abusers where the once bringing in the money, or simply for the happiness of their children. To bring it to a conclusion we talked about how to stop these kinds of issues from happening. Weaver said we as a society need to stop putting them blame of the victims and to rather but our focus on the abuser, the people who are causing the issue to begin with. We need to shift our focus on getting help for those people who are committing violent acts on people who they claim to love. As a society we need to let abusers know that they are wrong and any form of violence is not tolerated in our society.

To continue on with the topic of violence against women, we read “The Village where men are banned”. This article talked about a small village in Kenya where it was very common and normal for women to get ganged raped and be blamed and even in some cases be beaten for getting raped. It absolutely terrifying that there are women in this world who are going through this. Some girls in this village are given away by their fathers in exchange of cows and other things. Because girls and women were fed up with what they were going through they formed their own community that was a safe haven for women just like the New River Resource Center. Although these women did not want to be in the abusive situations that was cause by the men, they still wanted to enjoy consensual relations with men, and have children. Because having children to these women was one of the most important things in the world. It is sad that these women have to move and leave their families in order to feel safe. This proves that violence against women is not just in one place, this is a nationwide issue that needs to put an end to. This topic has been my favorite by far. I have learned so much and I will be putting what I have learned to good use. Before this week I thought I had no control on stopping violence from happening around my but now I know it just takes one person to make it clear and know that any sort of violence against women is not tolerated.