Love Your Body

This week our focus in class in body image. In many societies these days there has been a set standard of what being “beautiful” should look like or how a person should look in order to be seen as “beautiful” in the eyes of others. In the United States a typical beautiful women id expected to have a large size breast yet has to maintain a slim figure, and have a decent amount of butt. Because every society have created these images women are constantly being body shamed and because they are being body shamed women tend to fix these problems by getting plastic surgeries. To start of this topic, we read “Pretty Woman” by Karen McNamara. Karen went in-depth about who have turned to plastic surgeries to make their breast bigger, to make their vagina look “pretty”, to make their stomach flatter and even as far as restoring Virginity. According to Karen those women who undergo surgeries to make their vagina appear “neat and tidy” are not likely to feeling they are supposed to get during intercourse, making intercourse less enjoyable. It is absolutely shocking to me how much woman are willing to go through just to be accepted and called beautiful by the same society who are always body shaming women. Because our society has patriated this image of what is meant to be beautiful, people are going to keep relaying on these surgeries to fit into the society. It is our duty to make sure woman of all sizes and shapes fell like they fit into the society and to be called beautiful no matter how different they look.

On Wednesday, it was love your body day and I signed up to do posted notes. I went to cook hall and Dalton to hand out posted notes that encouraged people to love the body they are born in. The next reading was “Fat Talk” written by Renee Engelin, she talked about changing our conversations as a society to stop body shaming. the more talk we have about loving your body and encouraging women and praise that they are beautiful in the body they are in. We need to stop portraying what “beauty” should look like on social media, body shaming will not stop until we realize that we are the cause of body shaming. This change starts with us, those are being body shamed, we need to realized that we are made beautiful in Gods image. Although it is extremely hard to change once mind set because all we hear is “fat” “not good enough”, it is important to know that we are beautiful.