I don’t think we live in a matrix per say, but rather a social matrix. Your reality is subjective. Your reality is what you make it. I don’t mean this in the typical way. Rather, our minds are inextricably linked to social context, which is fairly rigid. For those who understand this, it is of great use. They hold power over the masses using vocabulary and emotional manipulation. Of course, unless you are extremely conscious of yourself and your surroundings, it is often done subconsciously. To be awakened is to be mentally free from social norms. It is possible to remove societal barriers from our understanding of this world. Society dictates many things and success is one of the most emphasized themes of the contemporary world. When you start saying no to unhealthy values and start living without them, you dissociate from what the elites want and start living by your norms.

Society tells us what success is. In North-American countries it is linked to capitalism – the accumulation of wealth and resources – which in our neoliberal economy only benefits a handful of people.