EyeO 2019 — a recap

What is this conference-festival anyway?

The main festival was at this super stylish Walker Art Center
The Kick Off at ARIA, an evening Mixer at the Machine Shop, and then a Wonderland party at the Can Can Wonderland (dream land for all the vintage arcade machine fans) and the view from the Guthrie Theater for the last night’s closing talks & party.

Top 7 Takeaways

1. “Please care a little less about Machine Learning”

  • Am I using ML to better the quality of people’s lives, or am I extracting time/resources/energy from them?
  • Am I able to refuse? Can I say no to projects that are clearly endangering some part of our world or population?
Loved that slide from Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo, who in fact produces amazing digital art!

2. We need new colors and symbols for climate change

3. Science, Tech, and Art have to become more accessible

The Science Train

Internet for everybody

Museums for everybody

  • Escapism: There’s a lot going on in the world that you might wanna escape from
  • Embodiment: We are physical beings, yet we’re spending a lot of time in the digital world. Now in our leisure time we might wanna use some more of those senses that we got. Touch, smell, taste. In traditional museums we’re often told to not touch. The kids wanna touch though.
  • No prerequisites: and this is about the accessibility! It is a problem that science and art are often seen as exclusive and intimidating. They should totally be accessible to everybody and invite everybody in.
  • Socialization: Museums and galleries are traditionally quiet places where you better not talk too much and stand quietly in awe in front of the masterpieces — but people now wanna share their experiences with the world. Ideally instantaneously.

4. Social relationships in the midst of surveillance

  • Follower: a service that grants you a real life Follower for a day
  • Lauren: a human intelligence smart home
  • Social Turkers: real-time real-people feedback for blind dates

5. Don’t miss the Coding Train

6. Art projects!

Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo is makin’ art

Mohit Bhoite’s Free-Formed Circuit Sculptures

Magic Leap Studios

7. Lovely Minneapolis




I like DataVis & DataJournalism. Working as Software Dev in Vancouver, Canada.

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Johanna Fulda

Johanna Fulda

I like DataVis & DataJournalism. Working as Software Dev in Vancouver, Canada.

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