The TestAway Experience

Jitendra Jogeshwar
Oct 5 · 2 min read
TestAway Shimla by The Test Tribe

I decided to join The Test Tribe for TestAway II Shimla( reason I choose to do it was as I had never heard about such an event till date. What has happened here is been nothing short of magic. I will not do justice when trying to put all of that has happened in one blog however before I leave and while these happy memories are fresh will try to write what I learnt from everyone. — The Art of learning anything really well especially public speaking, motivating and testing — Asking good questions and how to stay calm — How to bring a community together and be passionate — Being curious and ask questions — Wanting to learn even if it means to be uncomfortable — Act on what you learn — Follow your passion apart from work — Accelerate career growth using social media by sharing knowledge — Being a very good listener and express well in artistic form — Using skills from other domain to bring value to software testing — Testing messaging queues at scale — Understand any topic and relate to experience in past — Hands on testing skills — How to be amazingly energetic and honest in reviews

Jitendra Jogeshwar
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