Share with us any actions will you take to improve your CPD over the next 12 months?
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I am starting this year with 360 feedback. I did questions last month & selected people to ask, and my manager suggested he asked instead of me, so people felt freer to feedback. We’re talking through the results at my one-to-one next week.

The questions were similar to those I asked people when I did my first assignment for ILM5. I based them on my existing role competencies and those I’d like to improve, and my values (I’ve blogged about this). I want to understand what I am like to work with, how people I have worked with perceive me (do I come across as competent, knowledgeable, take on board feedback) and if I am showing competence in areas I’d like to develop.

From next week’s meeting I’ll put in place my personal development plan for the year. It all depends on what the feedback tells me.