Minecraft Recipes for Beginners

Jogos Friv
Jul 25 · 2 min read

If you plan to become an expert in the Minecraft world, then you just have to know all the crafting recipes that are the main component in the game. We have collected for you absolutely all Minecraft recipes that only exist in the game. Because of this, you can always learn how to make a map or portal in Minecraft, as well as many other useful blocks. Minecraft Crafting is the main way to get and create new blocks that exists in the game. For crafting items, a craft crafting grid is used in the inventory or a workbench, with the help of which most of the game items are created. So, how to make a workbench in Minecraft? To do this, we need 4 blocks of boards and a crafting window available in the inventory. A workbench in Minecraft is created as follows:

By the way, the workbench can be created from any type of boards. In order to make colored boards in Minecraft, we need a different type of wood.

In Minecraft Redstone Update, a huge number of new blocks and items that are somehow connected with the redstone were added. Below you can find all the crafting recipes from Minecraft 1.5 to be ready to create new items and blocks.

Cool Video With Lucky Blocks:

In the lower world, you can find new hellish blocks with white patches. These are blocks of quartz and can be mined only in hell. Some useful objects can be created from quartz, as well as decorative blocks, semi-blocks and steps. In order to obtain pure quartz, it is necessary to place blocks with quartz in a furnace and melt them into ore.

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