Increasing revenue by focusing on online food orders

UX Case study for FuZhou Kitchen


Aug 9th to Aug 14 2017 (6 days and 12 hours of work)


UX/UI designer for the redesign of the landing page and end to end ordering process for FuZhou Kitchen. This was a design challenge from


FuZhou Kitchen is a Chinese and sushi restaurant, that allows people to order food online. The problem? The website is dated and they feel more people could be ordering food online.and the business can increase revenue with a website redesign focused on online food orders.

Current Website for Fuzhou Kitchen

Heres what online ordering can do for a business


  • Promote the online food ordering service for the reasons above
  • Increase customer spending by encouraging multiple dishes by promoting specific food items

How to measure success

  • A increased amount of people ordering food online then previously
  • A increased amount of food orders on promoted food “popular food”


I asked my family and friends (7 total) to go out to eat and I said I would check out the restaurant’s website but not say anything. So while they sit across the room they would be asking ME key questions that they think are important to know before we leave the house.

Questions that were consistently asked were:

“What type of food is it?”
“Are they open?”
“Where is it?”
“What looks good to eat there?”

So without my friends even looking at a screen I already confirmed the the essentials for a restaurant website to have.

Design Strategy

Below is a video explaining my design decisions and strategy

Design decisions for the landing page and ordering process

Recommendations And Results

  • Wish I could have consistent photos for food (same lighting or angles).
  • Recommend that they use a service like Yelp Eat24 food service instead of creating their own online ordering process. I choose Yelp because it is a larger ordering platform.
  • I do feel like the typography on the homepage is out of place and would like to explore more options (mainly the headlines).
  • Could display the “popular” food more creatively


Since it was a challenge and not just a side project it forced me to finish and close the project. Finished is better than perfect. Take what I can learn and start another project the more I do the more I learn.

I also learned a lot from just copying. I followed the same end to end order process as skipthedishes and copied their UI. But through copying and recreating it I learned about why each part was valuable and finding ways to add my own details to it that I got from my own experiences or through my research.

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