I am from… Duluth, MN. The aerial lift bridge, road trips up the north shore, smells of pine, homemade meals, and a plethora of candle scents.

I am from… Norwegian almond cake, Swedish meatballs, rice pudding, homemade chocolate chip cookies, Norwegian stories and warm family hugs.

I am from… “Jeg elsker deg” meaning “I love you.” Lots of inside jokes, “make yourself and your family proud,” “never give up,” and put your trust in god. I am from a Christian-lutheran background where god and family is the central focus of my life.

I am from… a whole family of blondes, my mom and dad, grandparents, sister, and two goldendoodle dogs.

I am from… love.

Writing the I am from poem required a lot of thought for me. I found myself trying to dig deep into what my family believed in and what I thought was “normal” for me. It triggered some old memories when my grandparents were alive, and it made me kind of sad having to rethink that.

By being able to identify where we come from, it becomes easier finding out who we actually are. All of the small family food dishes, family rituals, and routines make us into who we are. Even if those things are small, we all carry them with us every single day.

When change takes place, it becomes hard to remember the constants in life. I believe that throughout my college experience, I will go through a lot of change which will help form me into the person I am. Moving away from home, learning to survive on my own, and becoming responsible of my own life are all things that have changed within the past few months. This transition has been hard, but it’s something that is necessary in order to grow as a person.

The value of being able to identify where we are from is crucial when life gets hard. Personally, college has been a roller coaster for me. It’s hard to pick out the things that remain completely constant when most of what we know is changing. New home, new friends, new classes, and new school. When I find myself struggling, I usually reach out to the people and things that make me feel most comfortable and “at home.” My mom and dad have really helped me to be strong on my own and making sure I create a strong identity for myself.

At the beginning of the CLA 1005 class I thought that this class would be solely about transitioning as a freshman and I thought it would be very boring. The more I apply the weekly readings and videos to my life, I find myself learning more about myself and others around me. For example, last week I learned a lot about race and ethnicity which I usually don’t think about on a day-to-day basis. I believe that my thoughts about my own identity have changed due to the fact that I am starting to figure out who I am as a person and student here at the U.

This exercise may help me to reflect on my family, friends, and relationships, so that I can evaluate who and what makes me who I am. Since the digital story is about me and my transition to college, I will be able to take the information from this assignment to evaluate the different ways in which I have changed.

My goal for this next week is to push myself academically and physically and find out how much I can do when I put my mind to something. I truly do have the world at my fingertips.

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