On Offices

As a company, we’ve always been remote work focussed, working from home or from our client’s offices.

The reason behind this was because it was cost-effective, and it allowed us to stay in the “zone”.

But now that we are growing we also felt the need for a dedicated space that we could use to design collaboratively. Sometimes nothing beats gathering around a whiteboard or sitting down around some paper prototypes.

It’s been a few months since we started using our office at Nest Gent.

The office early in the morning.

As noted in our recent job ad for a UX researcher/analyst, our office policy is to use it when you want.

We don’t really care where you do your work as long as we can communicate effectively and the work gets done.

I wrote about our choice for remote work before, where I said that it doesn’t make sense for someone to commute one hour to get to the office to start their day. That’s 2 lost hours every day — 10 hours a week — that could be spent on other things. Like taking care of your kids.

When I worked for an agency I really hated the open plan offices. At some point we moved into a space where literally 30+ people were working in the same room. That really doesn’t make sense to me.

What we have now is obviously an open plan office, albeit a rather small one. But combined with our come-as-you-want policy, I hope everyone can organise their day to find that focus zone to build wonderful user interfaces.

We will be there for 8 months after which we will evaluate what to do next office-wise.