Johan Adda
Apr 27, 2017 · Unlisted

Inspiration isn’t something that comes to you. It’s something that you seek constantly. Without inspiration, you’ll never get to start anything, much less finish it. Meng To. Buy his fantastic Design+Code

My Top 3 Books

Number one in my Reading List

№2 100 More Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People
I’ve been using the original one a lot to convince Marketing people, Product Managers and also Visual Designers. It’s an infinite source of research, good practice… I need to buy this new version ASAP 😛

100 More Things

№3 Getting to YES. As a designer, half of my time is dedicated to convince, sell or explain the choices we need to do as a team. Reading this book helped me to convert “blockers” into stakeholders. A good skill to practice.

You can find it in your mother language, it’s a bestseller


№2 Best Explanation about Skeuomorphism and Flat Design

№3 Dieter Rams, because he is my mentor

Thanks. Have a great day.


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Family 1st! But after that, Founder ARtizan— Ex-Apple Designer — Speaker — I simply like humans