28 tools I use in my daily job as a UX Architect

Johan Adda
Apr 30, 2017 · 3 min read
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Last day, someone asked me what tools I was using in my daily job. I’m a French designer based in London. I used to work for an orange, an apple and now I’m helping 8M teachers.

The whole UX team is on Sketch. We still have one of us on Axure because… he loves it 🤓. Why Sketch? Mainly because it’s cheap, the community is huge and productivity wise, we all are on the same software. I draft my wireframes or low-level concepts, send them to the UIs who send them to our Engineers. Couldn’t make it faster.

As you guess, Sketch with some plugins

Heavy use of Terminal to install all Google fonts. How.
Save on Dropbox, so PM, UX, UIs, Devs know where to find stuff.
We’re investigating the Sketch/React Airbnb hack. My analysis is it’s ideal for teams who need to localize a lot. Not yet our problem. I don’t use Lorem but real content.

Again Sketch coupled with Marvel. I don’t have much time to play with the other trendy/dead tools. We code as soon as we can!

Ulysses allows me to write, add images, code, both from my mac or iPhone. So I can write everything I need during my commute, thanks to the offline mode. Once online again, automatic synchronisation with iCloud or Dropbox. The export rocks. Big fan.

Task management
Github, of course. Not super friendly for the beginners. Luckily, a colleague has installed ZenHub on my mac. Now I feel good 🕺.

Keynote. I use it to prepare the 3 days sprint. Best for presos, briefs, stats reviews. Copy and paste from Sketch works admirably. I use Keynote also to export in .mov to explain interactions — I don’t have time to use After Effect.

Zeplin. UIs and Devs use it a lot. I prefer to comment on Github’s tickets directly.

Looker. Business choice. I make dashboards about every UX elements I want to track (MZ plugin on Chrome) like Nav items, taps, social buttons, etc. Looker sends emails daily or weekly. Lethal weapon to bring clarity during PM’s 🌶 conversations. Nothing personal, guys.

Stand Up
Zoom, our Devs love it. I prefer Appear.in, no plugin needed, create a room, share the link with someone: 💥

We don’t use Slack but HipChat, I don’t know why. Pros and cons. I don’t spend that much time on it, I prefer when I can, to stand up and talk to the person. But great for remote peeps.

Personal Archive
Pocket, both on my iPhone and on Chrome Mac. I started a routine recently because I was overwhelmed by the number of shit stuff I have saved. During my commute, I take 15 minutes to save all my daily links from Pocket to Ulysses folders. The beauty of that is it's offline. I like making research folders on Ulysses that I can export and share.

Time management
I work 25 minutes, pause 5, do it again and again. Pomodoro techniques with this tool here.

Workspace management
If you have one screen or two, best tool ever: Magnet

Hope it helps. Have a nice day 👻👾😺!

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