A case study by VIVE Enterprise on the collaboration between Electrolux and Vobling using technology enabled by Tobii’s eye tracking

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As XR adoption deepens, I am constantly watching out for which industry will be next to pick up this technology. Last week, VIVE Enterprise published the results of a collaboration between Electrolux and Vobling, and how eye tracking enabled VR can bring down product development costs through immersive design and virtual prototyping.

Using Tobii eye tracking in the VIVE Pro Eye as their platform, what Vobling and Electrolux have achieved in such a short space of time is amazing — something I think we will see much more of in the coming years.

What they did, was to transform the…

Overcoming scalability challenges in VR

Woman with a VR headset drawn onto her head imagining the possibilities with eye tracking in VR
Woman with a VR headset drawn onto her head imagining the possibilities with eye tracking in VR

2020 has been an odd and yet remarkable year in many ways. I’ve been using VR at work more than ever, which is a lot of fun, and some fantastic new headsets have come onto the market. Back in January, Pico launched the Neo 2 Eye, the first untethered headset to deliver eye tracking capabilities. And at the end of September, we saw the release of the HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition, which includes Tobii eye tracking technology, and a sensor system that delivers pulse measurements and lip-movement tracking.

In this post, I talk about VR evolution. How hardware, sensor…

And the impact on emerging remote collaboration apps

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Since the start of the digital revolution, new technologies have continually replaced physical objects with software services, progressively virtualizing how people communicate. Airmail has transformed into instant messaging, newspapers into websites, and face-to-face meetings are being replaced by online hangouts, telepresence, and VR.

The more we virtualize, the easier it becomes for people to collaborate remotely across time zones and distance. In this post, I take a look at the impact of virtualization on remote collaboration, which has become more intuitive and accessible over time, and why application developers are building for eye tracking.

Johan Bouvin

Director of Product — XR at Tobii

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