I am worried by the constant lack of a student centred approach to formal education by governments, and institutions

A huge challenge and opportunity

I am worried we have rigged our governments and institutions so they are not measured, motivated or even capable of a student centered approach when shaping policies and budgets. …

This guide by Sondre Sommerfelt is a gift to all his fellow sailors onboard Christian Radich for the xVoyage, however it should guide any lost sole in Scandinavias most continental city.

The Guide is splitt into the inner city København K and 4 (5) main boroughs that surround it:

and we have big bold fuzzy goals for 2018…

Jamie and I set up We Are Human to create purpose-driven organisations striving for social and commercial impact.

The effects of our lifestyles are becoming problematic for humanity — not to mention the animals and plants that share our planet.

Our vision is for a society re-engineered for sustainable growth…

It’s with heavy hearts that we announce Jamie & I have decided to step away from day-to-day operations at Kahoot! with immediate effect. With new management in place, we feel it’s time to focus on new challenges. We’ll both continue as advisors, shareholders and champions of Kahoot!’s founding mission.


#EntrepreneurShipOne has a group of dedicated Co-Captains, we love to learn, explore and of course to sail.

Meet Sindre, Marcus, Christine and Johan, #EntrepreneurShipOne is our way of paying forward to the startup community. We can't imagine a more fun & rewarding way to spend our spare time than go out sailing, learning and exploring with people from all walks of life. Welcome onboard.

We belive sailing is a perfect activity for meeting new people.

That's why during my keynote at SLUSH 2016 I invited the startup community onboard #EntrepreneurShipOne. I can't imagine a more powerfull way to pay forward than to invite people to join me doing something I love with people I admire. Welcome onboard.

Johan Brand

Founder, Kahoot! & We Are Human, Captain #EntrepreneurShipOne. 1 of 12 Atomico angels, investing in the next cohort of European entrepreneurs .

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