Feel the Light.

Sometimes, the world is working to control it’s own power. Dark energy soars through the minds of the enslaved. Those enslaved create a path of light towards their own meaning of the afterlife. These are the slaves to which the excess energy the [mother] earth cannot control, is given to…

The lights give me hope. I see colors and rainbows at all different angles. My vision, once blurry, now more refined when I’m in a vessel. The glass can only refract the lies of the outside and because of the water in my eyes, the truth is not far behind.

The glow. A simple glow. More so personal but private in relation to perception; is beautiful like music. I can see the sounds it makes, the hum of electricity from the lamps, the invisible rhythm which forces the dark out into the open. The openness which has the enslaved unsure of their true purpose. This unsureness causes friction with the inner lamp in all of us.

Music follows us. We are sound more than energy is matter. We are a product but we are fed products. We are light but are raised to be afraid of ourselves, therefor controlled by the earth to remain stagnant. To dwell in the past and fear the future without acknowledging the present.

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