Brief Analysis of China’s Ban on ICOs
Lindsay X. Lin

Good write-up!

However, I have a comment on the following paragraph:

Long Term Ramifications

  1. We will see significantly lower rates of innovation in blockchain/DLT from China if this ban continues. Organizations from other countries will take the lead in fostering innovation in this industry. Some organizations may be relieved that there will be lower competition from Chinese token issuers.
  2. Investors in China will get token-shy: they’ll be cautious towards future crypto developments for fear of potential bans
  3. If China lifts the ban and starts to regulate token sales, the higher cost of compliance will lead to fewer token issuers and possibly even a monopolistic/duopolistic landscape for certain token applications.”

Wouldn’t a Chinese ICO team be able to circumvent this by just changing flag? I don’t see how the Chinese government could monitor whether people in China is working on a project. So a Chinese ICO team could just continue on a project and say they are based in county x.

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