The Buterfly effect

back in late the nineties, it was pretty hard times for our family. there were three of us, me my big brother and my mother. my father died when I was 10 and we were struggling with life as we could. As usual, I think that my life in that period had the crucial influence on whole my life and understanding of the world. Lately, I accidentally remembered one story which I think is pretty interesting to share. 
it was about 18 years ago from now( 2017). I and my brother were selling some fruit and vegetables in the market to earn some money, that was a big market with a lot of people like as. but I think we were the youngest ones among all merchants. This market created a small infrastructure in that place. there were peoples who were selling some food, or drinks, also there were cigaret sellers. This seller just walked all over the market and just shouting out what they are selling (in Armenian of course, I’m from Armenia). for example 
“Hooooooooot hotdogs” or “coooooooooold water, drinks, sprite “ something like that.But most interesting selling strategy had the cigarette seller, who is not just shouting the name of cigarettes, or just “Ciiiiiiggaaarets”.when he passed you, he just in not so loud voice telling for example “ L&M coooome and passed by” (L&M is mark of cigarette) in that way hi kind of reminding us that this seller or particular cigarette will not be near you for long. But the most important part of the store is that there was a mark of cigaret which called a “Freedom” and the phrase “Freedom coooome and passed by” is settled deep in my heard. I’m sure that the old guy who was selling the “Freedom” was not so aware what he is telling because the only language he knows was Armenian. In nowadays I just remember this phrase, because … I don’t know why actually. there are lots of going on in in the world and particularly in Armenia. That time was a time when Armenia separated from USSR and now is the times when Russia and other big countries trying to construct something like that again. And also in that times we ( me and my brother) just starting to earn money kind of getting our freedom and now with all the problems of adult life … 
i don’t know, I just found it similar, and think that we must find a way to keep freedom close to us to not let in just pass by…

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