Why Business Platforms Are Ideal

James Izzo
Apr 5, 2018 · 2 min read

The internet is full of hundreds of platforms to help people create, navigate, and manage their lives and businesses. Most are general in nature, but the popularity of specialized platforms is spreading. Regular platforms accommodate many businesses across industries.

That means the construction company owner has to browse through a host of report options to find one that is applicable to the business. That process for every available tool on the platform will take a lot of time. The purpose of platforms is to save time.

Catering to One Type of Business

A platform that caters to one type of business or one industry, such as Restaurant Logic, maximizes the benefits and time savings for each client. Consider restaurant websites as an example. Many look the same because the general platform has only so many templates available.

A website needs to be created from scratch to highlight the uniqueness and atmosphere of the business. Creating entirely new restaurant websites with no templates is the first benefit of joining the restaurant marketing and website platform. Designers speak to owners regarding how they want the restaurant perceived by visitors to the site.

Other Features

In addition to responsive and mobile device formatted websites, the platform also consists of a restaurant website marketing dashboard. Content for restaurant social media marketing and Email marketing is built right into the site. Once the platform is set up for the restaurant, the fee includes two hours of training to get the ultimate amount of benefit from the investment. The nominal monthly fee includes website and email hosting, unlimited live support, and full access to the web marketing dashboards and content library.

Management Tools

Management duties can really place a dent in the time an owner or operator has to spend on making sure the quality of the food and service is excellent every day. There are menus, offers and promotions, and customer reviews to manage. That is in addition to schedules, personnel, and inventory. A specialized platform includes tools to make management easier, faster, and more effective.

It makes no sense to be paying for a platform that requires the business to make adjustments and allowances to their daily operations to make them fit. The platform should be able to deliver tools, dashboards, and services to adapt to the business. That is the major advantage of platforms specifically designed for one type of business. Take the time to explore the details, tools, features, and costs of a specialized platform before signing a contract for a general one.

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