42% Of Your Stores Don’t Follow Your Guidelines

You are Manager in the Retail industry ?

So you know it : in a brick-and-mortar business, the ‘moment of truth’ happens within the store.

Therefore, in view to run shops towards customer satisfaction and high sales, you must provide your sales staff with tools, standards and guidelines.

However, success will depend not only the skills of your sales staff to achieve it , but also on howyou use and implement these tools and routines.

Bad news for you: as much as 42% of stores usually do not follow guidelines.

So tracking this non-compliance is your major challenge to reach your sales and margin objectives, and make all your investments worthwhile.

Your Management dashboard surely already ncludes the relevant KPIs to monitor your retail business, whether it’s Conversion Rate, Average ticket, Sales increase… These retail metrics ensure that you control the elements of your business that impact your profit. They have proved efficiency over time, and they have even been adopted by e-tailers.

Except — KPIs don’t tell you how your staff is actually implementing your selling tools and guidelines.

Can you measure quality ?

So the biggest challenge you face today when trying to measure the performanceof your floor staff is the ability to measure quality of their actions rather than only quantity of your sales results.

And this is new: retail monitoring is moving from a review of performance after the event to managing an activity while or even before the event : i.e fine-tuning a product launch campaign while it’s merchandised in store, not when you can qualify its success or fail.

Performance management cannot be done in a ‘tick-the-box’ way anymore.

How would you feel if you and your retail marketing team could have real-time tracking, measuring and optimisation capabilities as in a digital business ?

Real time vision , real time improvement action

It is time to change: technology now allows you to (pre) check window displays, stock updates, floor layouts and even the appropriate speech just on time to fine-tune it, and share best practices as they appear.

You can identify the top selling stores and instantly share their best practices with the network — pictures, number of displayed items, promotional placement… Adjustments are made immediately with actual data, that’s sharable and trackable.

You can now chase those famous 42% of stores who are likely non-compliant with your guidelines.

Keeping it simple

Don’t drown under data overdose : track the relevant data for your success.

What you need to know is whether your selling tools — layout guidelines, product range, promotions, check-out process… — are in line with what the customer is expecting. And being able to measure it with new KPIs just as you do in your current dashboard.

So you need to collect qualitative first-hand feedback (pictures, counts, templates…) in an ‘analysable’ way : window display compliance, product placement, price consistency, stock availability, promotional set-up… Make all these tools meaningful — and available ! — to your staff, for your customers !

Tracking smarter now ? Just try it

Integrating qualitative Customer Experience-related KPIs in your decision-making process is thereal change : you and your retail marketing team can now have access to real-time tracking, measuring and optimisation capabilities thanks to technology.

Are you ready to measure quality in your business without indulging in complicated sales metrics ? — check how SimpliField can bring you there.