Gays in Malaysia: Sex and Drug Addiction (Chemsex)

The gay community in Malaysia faces a troubling time in being accepted. It’s because traditionalists and conservatives see their lifestyle as risky. When it comes to dangerous acts that are risky, It seems that their concerns about gay-bisexual culture are vindicated. This makes it even more difficult for such groups to gain acceptance in countries that discredit the entire LGBTQ experience. Thus, creating an unmanageable cycle of stigma among the LGBTQ community.

The problem with stigma is that it is a vicious cycle. First of all, a conservative nation rejects LGBTQs. Then, they go underground. Once clandestine, they do things that discredit them. A example of such things is the phenomenon of “chemsex.” This is the practice by gay or bisexual men to have drugs in place of heightened sexual arousal. It is highly hedonistic and has caused much addiction among gay and or bisexual men.

The motive for chemsex is sexual. Narcotics are used to heighten sexual arousal. In Malaysia, examples of such drugs range from the class A: Methamphetamines (Ice) to the avid inhalants, such as Amyl Nitrates (Poppers). These drug and sex sessions between men can last from 24 hours to up to 3 or four days. Some chronic sessions have lasted for up to a week. Usually, participants go without sleep or food for the entire time. It’s because the effects of the drug will drive users to seek more sex and drugs. So, as long as there are drugs around, these sessions will continue without respite.

What happens at Chemsex Sessions?

To have an idea about how dangerous and risky such sessions can be, there is a need to know about how it’s done. The sessions are designed with the purpose of heightening sexual arousal. And also, to experience all the arrays of gay sexuality without pain. This will include using drugs to reduce the pain of anal sex, in spite of the damage such sexual acts may cause.

“Chemsex survivors”, are people who have survived these sessions. They are very fortunate to be alive. But, some live with the harrowing consequences of the sessions. For example, addiction to dangerous drugs, destruction to the anal cavity, incontinence, and being HIV+ to name a few. It’s hoped that knowledge of what goes on in these sessions will shed light on how they can be tackled.

It starts with hypersexualised gays or bisexual men with a dating app on either their computer or phone. Such apps like Grindr and Planet Romeo offer options whereby users can screen potential partners. In these apps, CF will stand for “Chemical Friendly”. As a subculture of Gaydom, chemsex users are aware of the discrimination they may receive from non-drug using Gays. Hence, they will only meet with those who approve of this lifestyle. A plan is made for 2 or 3 guys to meet in a hotel room or at a private apartment at night or during the late hours of the afternoon.

Someone will supply the group with the drugs that are suitable for the occasion. According to the Guardian, a British online resource, the participants will not want downers. The drugs they choose will not be that of heroin or marijuana. These drugs inhibit social contact. According to the same source, gays, who have been performing all their lives, have had little intimacy growing up. Hence, what they seek in these sessions is the intimate and close connection with others. Drugs that exacerbate those connections like methamphetamines and cocaine are much sought after. For more on methamphetamines as the cause of global crime, click here.

The scene is thus set for drug taking in the midst of sexual acts among men. As the drugs disinhibit these men’s actions, they allow themselves to undergo risky sexual acts. What’s more is that some of these men could already be infected by hepatitis C or be HIV+. Thus, it’s not surprising that the rate of HIV+s are on the rise.

The drug and sex continues to climax. At first, it may stop after a single night of pleasure. But, as the fixes keep coming in, it may last for days and sometimes, a week. It is an ultimate hedonistic experience with newcomers arriving at odd hours. There is always someone on social media who wants to experience this event. And, they will be willing to join in, say at 3 a.m.

As long as there is ample drug supply, it could go on; as life slowly turns into just this. If anything, that is the most horrific part of this entire experience. It’s the loss of life and vitality in return for drugs and sex. What’s worse is that participants go on without food or sleep for the entire experience. Some survivors have reported not sleeping for a week. Or having on average one meal in four or five days. Malnutrition sets in, and drug-induced anorexia and insomnia come at a great physical and mental cost.

The crash and depression results after all the drugs are finished. That feeling of isolation and abandonment sets in as participants no longer want to stay after the “stuff” (drugs) is finished. Hence, chronic loneliness, depression, and psychosis may send the user into another binge cycle. The crash is akin to those who have experienced meth addiction. And the addiction is equally lethal.

Chemsex is a highly addictive and fatal pattern of drug and sex. There have been deaths resultant of this new way of abusing/using drugs for sexual gratification. It is so overwhelming and hedonistic, that to be free of it is nothing short of a miracle. Hence, the term given to those who have recovered from it; as “survivors.”

The Negative Effects of “Chemsex” among Gays and Bisexuals. The negative effects of “chemsex” have been shared to some extent in the previous section. But, here it is in sum:

Unmanageable drug use.

Participants will be hooked on drugs. Whether an avid user of drugs or using drugs for sex; the way drugs create addiction is the same. It creates such a pleasure spike in the midbrain, that creates tolerance or dependency. Hence, each time it is used to get high, the dosage increases. Thus, “chemsex” provides a sexual platform for unmanageable drug use. The effects of this unmanageability could lead users to overdose or die from it. Or, succumb to brain damage due to it.

Risky sexual behaviours will create the possibility of STDs and other health problems.

It’s far likely that drug-induced people will carry more STIs and be HIV+ than the avid population. And, it is far unlikely that in such states of ecstasy, that people are going to be so concerned about sexual health.

What’s more, some of these sessions only include HIV+ men as they believe that they won’t be able to reinfect those with HIV. According to another source, this too is irresponsible for they have discounted the other infections they bring with them. Hence, “chemsex” is a cesspool of sexually transmitted diseases and other problems. The aggressive sex could also disfigure the anal cavity that in the future, incontinence or internal hemorrhages occur.

Flagrant disregard for healthy sexuality.

These sessions are all about ships that pass in the night. In other words, they are all in it for the drugs and the sex. There is no regard for feelings of intimacy such as what happens in a functional relationship. Hence, there is no regard for boundaries within sexual intercourse. Anything goes and with anyone. This creates an even deeper sense of shame, isolation, and depression. There’s no food or sleep for days and sometimes, weeks.

As the session involves mostly meth, addicts have no food or very little for days. One participant commented that when he first tried it, he had 4 meals in a week. Another commented that he had 1 meal in four days. Malnutrition and malnourishment will occur. The excitement of sex all the time, and at heightened pleasures will result in no sleep for the same time. A participant noted that he had only slept once in four to five days as a result of all the excitement and action. Life is summed up as just drugs, boys, and sex.

Help is in recovery.

For those who are living with “chemsex”, it’s not a life worth living. The dependency on drugs and approval from boys will only last the binge. After that time, you or a loved one will realise that life has become just one pleasurable cycle of despair. But, there is more to life than this. There is recovery. It may sound cliched right now. Yet, in recovery, addicts have found life worth living. A life of recovery offers so much hope and fulfilment. The intimacy that you or a loved one so much sought in this form of sex will be given in recovery.

You will find a better way for dealing with the issues of being gay/bisexual. You will be accepted. Take a look at the benefits of coming to a gay-friendly treatment centre. There is so much to look forward to. For more on the benefits of being sober and clean, click here.

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