Tinder doesn’t work

(at least for my friends)

I would like to write an open letter but I guess they aren’t -that- trendy these days (dammit! that open letter ruined everything Ok #whichone?).

I’m writing this because I want an answer to this problem. Why dating apps does not work if you want a committed relationship? In more cases if you are a woman.

Tinder is known for hookups -that’s it- . This is what I got in my “investigation” : women whom does not have time, luck o for whatever reason do not have a serious relationship used Tinder. They thought the app was the solution and from swap and swap they got many dates, all of them were fraud or worst cases many of them left broken hearts. But why?

It is well known women are more willing to get serious relationships than guys. There is not yet any app in the market that can solve this problem. I don’t know if it is something about interests, honesty, genders ….It seems that websites like match.com do a really good job, but, talking honestly, match.com seems like you have to fill out hundreds of papers and you will get a date from somebody that could be your dad or teacher. There is nothing wrong about that, it is just another market.

It bothers me to read “Millennials” everywhere (I am kind one) but I don’t have a better word. The thing is, this generation do not connect with those websites where you have to fill many papers explaining what is your favorite food, book, which date of the week you like most or what is your cat name …blabla. They want a real relationship but swaping in seconds. (It is paradoxical isn’t it?).

In other hand I have hear many guys saying that on Tinder they do not find “good girls” and “they just want to have free dinners” or they do not match with their interests, my women friends are far away from this definition (bad they are in other country) and for sure out there are a few who want a free snack :) but there are many who want a boyfriend and again: why the guys who want a good relationship doesn’t connect with the right girls and viceversa?

Ok and this is a reality : humans are really weird. YES we are. From 100/100 of my friends that says Tinder is not what they expected accept they are still using Tinder,because you know “ it sucks, but who knows…I have a friend who found the love of her life through the app” Yes all of us have -that- (just one) friend who found her Charming prince or his princess Leia on Tinder. But, that case is the -exception- that excuse that gets hope to my single friends and they still are dating with people who want to know their beds (or wallets) before their names. In this case the exception is bad, really bad.

Maybe because Love is complicated and there isn’t an algorithm that can’t fix it. Awww that is cute from me but ok, leave me alone I am woman married with the love of her life! I do believe in love, but I would LOVE to find an app that works from both : for my beautiful, kind and smart girlfriends and for my handsome , kind, smart geeks friends. I believe in love but in tech as well . What is the solution? In these days seem easier to be a president candidate than find the love of your life .