Why I’m not ‘brave’ for coming off antidepressants
Liz Smith

I completely get what you mean: you are not ‘brave’ for coming off antidepressants. At the same time, however, I’d like to argue that you are brave. Not because you getting rid of a certain kind of medication, but because you dare to take a step forward.

In the same spirit, I think you were really brave to start with the medication. And you were brave when you admitted to yourself that you were gonna take help. Every time you took a step, however small, you were being brave. And you will continue to do so.

You would also be brave if you were to decide that — after a certain time without the antidepressants — you would need them again, for whatever reason. In my opinion, this would also be a step forward: you are taking steps to recovery, and if your way to recovery leads back to medication for a while, so be it.

The reason why I think it’s brave to undertake (whatever kind of) action, is that we never know how that action is gonna turn out. It’s scary. (At least, it is for me…) So I think you’re brave.

I don’t know you. This is the first piece of you I ever read. I don’t want to judge and I certainly don’t hope I hurt you by saying I think you’re brave. Because in all honesty, I really think you are.