I lived six years next to a “no-go zone” in Malmö

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Sweden, immigration and violence, and about Malmö in particular. I live in Malmö, and the city has been my home for the past nine years. Six of them were next door to a so-called “no-go-zone”.

I moved to Malmö in 2008 to look for work in Copenhagen. My then boyfriend had gotten a job at a big game development studio and I was able to move in with him in his sub-rented apartment. I had just finished my studies in Game Development and had a couple of interviews at smaller studios in Copenhagen. Then the finance crisis hit Scandinavia. None of the game studios could hire for the positions I was qualified for, and I went back to the university to take a master’s degree. A year later we broke up, but I had part time work as a freelance writer, and a year left of my studies, so I decided to stay in the city and managed to buy my own 27 sqm studio apartment.

The old industrial docks in Malmö.
Street art in Södra Sofielund/Seved, Malmö
This house is also part of “Södra Sofielund”, aka the no-go-zone.
View from my window in the Studio apartment, a snowy morning in Malmö.
Not the edible wall, just sunflowers close by.
The art installation “Noix de Vie” and the mouse restaurant, at the street Bergsgatan in Malmö.

Freelance writer, working with policy in the video games industry. http://johannanylander.se

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