Raw Milk Reception Dock (RMRD) Automation System

The Raw Milk Reception Dock (RMRD) is the first check point through which liquid milk enters into the dairies. Usually, it’s applied for receiving the milk that’s procured in cans. No, but don’t mistake it as milk collection system. The process of the collection starts from various groups that are located throughout the routes. It is different from the bulk milk collection procedure, which is also operational in these dairies. The milk collection process starts from the village milk collection centers, groups of which are assigned to distinct milk truck routes. The milk cans are unloaded at this RMRD, and then later, the weighing of the milk is done. Later on, the testing is performed, and a milk receipt statement is issued. There’s a daily shift, and various parameters are measured during that time.

Here’s how the process goes on;

  • Reception of milk from different cans of different places. Then, the milk is poured to weigh bowl, and the weight is recorded using a computer system.
  • Then, air pressure is added to some particular time.
  • When air is premixed, they release sample bottles of a particular quantity.

The cans of individual village milk collection centers from similar routes are unloaded at the RMRD; afterward, their milk is weighed and tested separately to issue a milk receipt statement according to the measured parameters during the day shift. This all depends on the availability of milk and the proposed system. So, according to the requirements, it is managed.

Raw Milk Reception Dock (RMRD) Network Automation

  • Automatic recording of weight and testing parameters
  • Online process automation
  • Network based system design
  • Modular in nature
  • Flexible and adaptation to up gradation
  • Merges quickly with the existing plant layout and procedure
  • Suitable for highly humid and corrosive environment
  • User authentication, authorization, and data validation
  • Performance monitoring

Raw Milk Reception Dock (RMRD) Operations Automation

  • Automatic premixing and drawing of sample
  • Automatic discharge of sample into sample bottle
  • Automatic conveying of sample to laboratory
  • Automatic drainage of weighed milk into dump tank and automatic closure of drain valve
  • Jumbo display showing status of online collection and testing data
  • Adjustable sample volume
  • Single key operation

Raw Milk Reception Dock (RMRD) Features

  • Online Process Automation
  • Networked System Design
  • Modular in nature
  • Flexible and adaptive to up gradation
  • Merges quickly with the existing Plant Layout and Procedures
  • Suitable for highly humid and corrosive environment
  • User Authentication and Authorization
  • Data Validation
  • Performance Monitoring.

Automation Process Outputs:

  • Truck sheet (Society / Route wise)
  • Milk Collection Reports (i.e. Daily, Society, Route, Period, Region)
  • Analysis reports

• Operator performance and other MIS reports