Bernie’s latest attack is irresponsible and poisonous.
Robby Mook

Clearly the Clintons are getting terrified of Sanders imminent win in New York state. The charges are quite true. There is a 2,700 dollar limit per person in the primary race. The Clinton’s are fundraising at events where people are giving way more then 2,700. Over 300,000 to sit next to George Clooney at this past weekends event. The way its supposed to work is the first 2,700 of any donation goes to the Clinton Campaign and the balance goes to the DNC to support other democrats. But the truth is over 65% of that remaining money gets funnelled back into the Clinton’s coffers. If Bobby Mook doesn’t think following the law is important or that the republican nominee won’t bring the issue up, he’s shouldn’t be running a presidential campaign.

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