Today, I want to talk about the Open Innovation theory by Henry Chesbrough, and how CrowdPatent, my new startup, can help you market and sell unused innovation, generating new revenue streams for your company.

The open innovation model that Chesbrough describes shows the necessity of letting ideas both flow out of the corporation in order to find better sites for their monetization, and flow into the corporation as new offerings and new business models.

- John Seely Brown (Foreword: Innovating Innovation)

Many organizations like startups, universities as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are focused on developing a single product in a single market. This approach is very good, because the focus is unquestionable to provide a really good product. But, most of the time R&D provides many opportunities and not all of them are going into production. If this potential is unused but stays inside a corporation, one talks about Closed Innovation. …

For I am convinced that the UNIX Philosophy will be the successor of IT

Since the age of 12 I am into computer science, and I can admit since then I’ve learned a bunch of things. I do love innovating and creating new things that’s actually one reason why I also love to do startup-stuff and to evaluate business processes and technologies. But that’s another story.

While developing a framework for large-scale log-data storage, processing and analysis with different cloud storage and computing systems, and the comparison of Amazon Elastic MapReduce and S3 versus Joyent Manta — two completely different internet facing object stores with computing power, I (again) stumbled upon the very famous Jon Bentley’s…

Dropping Grunt.js and <3 npm scripts

Many of you like Grunt, and that is OK! Personally I really like how npm works thus most of the time I just don’t have to use Grunt.

Substack put it quite right in his blog post task automation with npm run.

I want to show you how I am dealing with `task automation` and setup processes:

So, what does each of the commands do?

pkginit is a great tool by Substack, it creates a new package json for you. …


Johannes Boyne

Software Engineer, turning Entrepreneur, turning Strategy and Management Consultant

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